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flow meters
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flow meters
  icenta is a leading supplier and manufacturer of flow meters, level sensors & control instrumentation to manufacturing and process industries throughout the UK and overseas. Through our practical knowhow and extensive instrumentation experience we'll understand your requirements and help you select the right products for your application. In particular, our expertise in flow measurement allows us to offer tailored flow meter solutions for diverse applications, fluid types and process conditions from a wide range of flow technologies, including gear meters, turbine meters, magnetic flow, ultrasonic flow meters, paddlewheel sensors, rotameters, mass flow meters and mass flow controllers.  read more about icenta flow meters
flow meters
Flow Meters & Instrumentation
  Flow Meter Summary Flow Meter Summary  
  Clean Water Flow Meters
flow meters
  Dirty Water Flow Meters
flow meters
  Fuel & Oil Flow Meters
flow meters
  Bulk Solids Flow Meters
flow meters
  Air Flow Meters
flow meters
  Other Gas Flow Meters
flow meters
Level Sensors & Instrumentation
  Level Sensor Summary Level Sensor Summary  
  Water Level Sensors Water Level Sensors  
  Open Tank Level Sensors
flow meters
  Closed Tank Level Sensors
flow meters
  Borehole Level Sensors
flow meters
  Watercourse Level Sensors
flow meters

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Next Gen! Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meters

What sets the 2015 Red-y Compact Thermal Mass Flow Meter apart is a whole new level of ease of use, made possible by these features:Standard AA battery poweredTouch display . . . read more ''

Understanding Your Flow Meter’s Capabilities

Understanding Your Flow Meter’s Capabilities There are pros and cons in choosing any flow meter but to us at Icenta, there are very clear advantages to the new age range of thermal mass flow meters over the traditional . . . read more ''

icenta awarded project to supply turbine meters to Asian shipping manufacturer

icenta awarded project to supply turbine meters to Asian shipping manufacturer icenta was awarded the project due to their ability to carefully customise many of the component parts.  The IC-LTM  bi-directional Atex approved Turbine . . . read more ''

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As an ISO 9001 accredited company, icenta is committed to providing high quality instrumentation and first-class technical support.

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