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Steam plays an important role in industry; it is used to produce paper, in food preparation, for cooling and heating buildings and as a source of power in electricity production and for ships.  The type of steam whether it is wet, saturated or superheated and, consequently, the different temperature and pressure conditions that exists, influences the choice of flow measuring instrument.  Wet steam is difficult to measure accurately with any of the flow technologies available as it contains both condensed hot water and steam and is therefore a two-phase flow.  While DP-based flow meters and vortex meters are traditionally used to measure steam flow, the newer technologies of Coriolis mass meter and ultrasonic flow measurement are becoming more popular.
Typical steam flow applications include: measurement of the amount of steam going to a power plant turbine; mass flow measurement in district heating; steam flow in chemical plants; internal custody transfer.

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Flow Meter OVAL EX Turbine Industrial Turbine Flow Meter for Consistent, High Accuracy Measurement Turbine Flow Meters
Limited use for steam flow measurement but can be a good option for low flow rates
Vortex Flow Meter OVAL Smart EX DELTA Standard Industrial Vortex Meters for Liquid or Gas/Steam Flows Vortex Flow Meters: Industrial
As well as tolerating high process temperatures and pressures, vortex flow meters offer wide rangeability
Coriolis Meter OVAL ULTRAmass MKII High Accuracy Coriolis Mass Meter with U-shaped Flow Tubes Coriolis Mass Flow Meters
An emerging technology for dry steam flow measurement

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