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Food & Drink

The diverse applications within food and drink manufacturing call for a wide range of flow technologies from open-channel flowmeters for water discharge to Coriolis mass flow meters in dispensing plant. Process factors such as high temperatures and very high viscosities (eg oils and syrups) can present significant challenges in flow measurement. The required accuracy of flow measurement varies with application and quality control. For instance, accuracies better than 1% might be required for product dispensing while wastewater discharge may only require 10%. Against this complex background there is often a need for hygienic or sanitary meters to prevent contamination of the product. It is also necessary to comply with environmental regulations in the case of alcohol, regulatory requirements.

Typical food and drink applications for measuring the flow of liquids or gases include: dosage of additives such as flavourings, colorants or vitamins; sealing, coating and sterilisation of packaging; aeration of liquids; measurement of incoming water usage; flow and volume measurements of process water for proper blending, diluting, or rinsing; monitoring discharge volumes of waste water from either rinse water or process waste; batch control during the mixing process; monitoring flow to the condensate return and of make-up water in boilers; monitoring the amount of water flowing through the heat exchanger in cooling towers; flow measurements in dechlorination; inline measurement when mixing components in the production of soft drinks; product blending and dispensing to packaging.

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meters (also known as Magflow meters or magmeters), in-line or insertion style, with integral displays or analogue output for remote monitoring or data logging of conductive fluids such...

Paddlewheel Flow Meters and Sensors

Paddle wheel flow meters (known as Pelton wheel sensors), in-line or insertion style, offer a relatively low cost, high accuracy meter option for many flow applications, typically with water or water...

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters are one of our specialities, we have a selection of versatile turbine meters for flow measurement of liquids and gases, with options for low flow rates and hygienic applications

Vortex Flow Meters: Industrial

A versatile selection of vortex flow meters with an absence of moving parts for measuring clean or dirty liquids, wet or dry gases or steams.

Vortex Flow Meters: Compact

A selection of compact vortex flow meters with an absence of moving parts in line sizes from 4 to 25mm for measuring liquids or gases

Gear Flow Meters

Positive displacement, precision-machined, oval gear flow meters and helical screw flow meters available in a wide range of sizes and flow ranges for liquid or gas. Oval gear flow meters are an ideal...

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

A range of high performance Coriolis flow meters from OVAL Corporation of Japan, based on 25 years' experience in Coriolis technology

Thermal Mass Flow Meters & Controllers

Industrial, scientific & laboratory-style thermal gas mass flow meters (MFM) and mass flow controllers (MFC) for monitoring and controlling clean gases, such as air, natural gas, nitrogen, oxygen...

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

A range of transit-time and Doppler ultrasonic flow meters with options for open and closed channel applications and fixed or portable installation.

Variable Area Flow Meters & Rotameters

Mechanical variable area flow meters (known as rotameters) provide direct viewing of flow rate for basic flow measurement of either water / liquids or gases (eg air, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, argon...

Low Flow Sensors

Compact flow meters employing various flow technologies for low flow rates down to 0.09 l/hr.

Parameter Comparison Table

Advice on selecting Low Flow Flow Meters

Flow Switches

A range of Flowline solid state liquid and gas flow switches for corrosive pump, fan exhaust motor and process protection applications.

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