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Orifice Flow Meters

Orifice plate flow meters based on the differential pressure measurement, upstream and downstream of a partially obstructed pipe.

Basics of Flow Measurement with the Orifice Flow Meter I ~ Learning Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Orifice Flow Meter F O N4

Orifice Flow Meter to Measure the Flow of Transparent Liquids in Closed Piping

The F O N4 orifice flow meter is used to measure the flow of transparent liquids in closed piping. Any mounting location, position and flow direction can be selected for the flow meter. The flow meter can also be used for flow monitoring if equipped with limit contacts.

Orifice Flow Meter F O Turbo Lux 2

Orifice Plate Flow Meter to Measure the Volume of Water in Closed Pipelines

The F O Turbo-Lux 2 orifice plate flow meter is used to measure the volume of water in closed pipelines. Any mounting position and flow direction are possible.

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