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Slurry Flow Meters

In addition, the choice of flow transmitter should consider the extent of mechanical and electrical signal noise caused by the slurry properties. Slurries occur in many different forms across several industries. Typical slurry flow applications include: milled mining slurry; monitoring of sewage sludge; measurement of fruit juice flow; paper pulp flow in the paper industry; measurement of fly ash in suspension. The type of flow meter most commonly used for measuring flow of slurries is the magnetic flow meter / Magmeter, although coriolis mass meters, vortex flow meters and ultrasonic flow meters are also used.

Need Advice?
iCenta is a UK flow meter specialist offering a range of slurry flow meters for diverse applications. Call iCenta for advice on meter selection on 0844 543 0844

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meters (also known as Magflow meters or magmeters), in-line or insertion style, with integral displays or analogue output for remote monitoring or data logging of conductive fluids such...

Vortex Flow Meters: Industrial

A versatile selection of vortex flow meters with an absence of moving parts for measuring clean or dirty liquids, wet or dry gases or steams.

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

A range of high performance Coriolis flow meters from OVAL Corporation of Japan, based on 25 years' experience in Coriolis technology

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

A range of transit-time and Doppler ultrasonic flow meters with options for open and closed channel applications and fixed or portable installation.

Flow Switches

A range of Flowline solid state liquid and gas flow switches for corrosive pump, fan exhaust motor and process protection applications.

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