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Water & Wastewater

The many and diverse metering applications within the water and wastewater industry call for a wide range of flow meter technologies. For instance, magnetic flow meters are widely used in the main distribution system while open-channel meters are commonplace in wastewater discharge. With much of the supply network buried, access is not easy and many meters are installed in situations that are far from ideal.

Typical water & wastewater flow meter applications include: water flow monitoring; dosing of water treatment chemicals; correct billing and accurate water consumption monitoring; leakage detection and reduction; network load monitoring; optimisation of water usage; water consumption and system operation in irrigation systems; monitoring influent water quantity to wastewater treatment plant; monitoring discharge quantity from the wastewater treatment plant; monitoring of water flow between reservoirs.

Magnetic Flow Meters

Magnetic flow meters (also known as Magflow meters or magmeters), in-line or insertion style, with integral displays or analogue output for remote monitoring or data logging of conductive fluids such...

Paddlewheel Flow Meters and Sensors

Paddle wheel flow meters (known as Pelton wheel sensors), in-line or insertion style, offer a relatively low cost, high accuracy meter option for many flow applications, typically with water or water...

Turbine Flow Meters

Turbine flow meters are one of our specialities, we have a selection of versatile turbine meters for flow measurement of liquids and gases, with options for low flow rates and hygienic applications

Vortex Flow Meters: Industrial

A versatile selection of vortex flow meters with an absence of moving parts for measuring clean or dirty liquids, wet or dry gases or steams.

Vortex Flow Meters: Compact

A selection of compact vortex flow meters with an absence of moving parts in line sizes from 4 to 25mm for measuring liquids or gases

Gear Flow Meters

Positive displacement, precision-machined, oval gear flow meters and helical screw flow meters available in a wide range of sizes and flow ranges for liquid or gas. Oval gear flow meters are an ideal...

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

A range of high performance Coriolis flow meters from OVAL Corporation of Japan, based on 25 years' experience in Coriolis technology

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

A range of transit-time and Doppler ultrasonic flow meters with options for open and closed channel applications and fixed or portable installation.

Variable Area Flow Meters & Rotameters

Mechanical variable area flow meters (known as rotameters) provide direct viewing of flow rate for basic flow measurement of either water / liquids or gases (eg air, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, argon...

Water Meters & Heat Meters

Water meters (Multi-jet and Woltmann water meters) with WRAS approval for measuring flow of cold water or hot water in pipes up to 500 mm and heat meters or energy meters to measure in kw/hr the energ...

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