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Fluidwell Product Overview

Fluidwell Product Overview

E-Series - The E-Series provides a range of user-friendly indicators, totalisers and monitoring systems designed to be used in harsh and difficult hazardous area applications. It is beyond being explosion proof. Its sturdy design and ease of use are unequalled by any other explosion proof indicator in the market.

F-Series - The F-Series product range offers you an extensive selection of field mount indicators, controllers and monitoring systems for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement in safe and hazardous area applications.

D-Series - The D-Series is available as DIN panel mount indicator, controller and monitoring system for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement applications in industrial environments. The D-Series is the better alternative for your existing, not waterproof, front panel mount indicators.

N-Series - These DIN panel mount batch controllers with numerical keypad are the result of combining our knowledge of batch control operations and our customer focus on operators and users. As a result, the N-Series has been developed as a batch controller, focussed on your convenience.

300-Series - The 300-Series product range offers you a selection of batch controllers and loading systems with a very user-friendly full numerical keypad. Other advantages are: four styles of enclosures, more powerful mechanical relays, 80 character alphanumeric display and extended functions with increased levels of sophistication.

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