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Level Instrumentation

A selection of level instrumentation including level indicators, transmitters and controllers.

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iCenta is a UK Level meter specialist with experience in Level technologies for diverse applications, fluid types and process conditions. Call iCenta now for advice, sales & technical information on 0845 895 1020 or email

Multi Parameter Transmitter Signet 9900

Single channel interface for various parameters including flow

Signet's 9900 multi parameter transmitter provides a single channel interface for parameters including flow, pH/ORP, conductivity/resistivity, salinity, temperature, pressure, level and other sensors that output a 4 to 20 mA signal. The 9900 transmitter (generation II) has the added capability of supporting the batch module for batching control.

Fluidwell D Series - Waterproof panel meter

Fluidwell D-Series Waterproof DIN Panel Mount Indicators and Controllers.

Fluidwell's D-Series encompasses an extensive selection of waterproof panel mounted indicators, controllers and monitoring systems for liquid and gas applications such as flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement in industrial environments

Fluidwell E Series Explosion Proof Flow Computers

The E-Series provides a range of user-friendly indicators, totalizers and monitoring systems designed to be used in harsh and difficult hazardous area applications. It is beyond being explosion proof. Its sturdy design and ease of use are unequaled by any other explosion proof indicator in the market!

Fluidwell F Series - Robust field mount

The F-Series product range offers you an extensive selection of field mount indicators, controllers and monitoring systems for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement in safe and hazardous area applications.

Level Meter and Controller DataView II

Level Meter and Controller for use with Flowline Level Sensors.

An advanced universal panel meter and controller for use with Flowline level sensors.

PLC Controller Commander

Advanced Micro PLC Controller for use with Flowline Level Sensors.

A compact all-in-one solution with controller, graphics and removable mass storage for industrial applications.

Metron2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System

An easy to use wireless telemetry device with built-in local display that logs and transmits data and sends alarms wirelessly.

The Metron2 is an easy to use wireless telemetry device with four inputs and two contact outputs suited to a many applications but specifically as a remote tank level gauge.

PodView Level Indicator LI40

Level Indicator, Compatible with EchoPod Level Sensors, Displaying Tank Level or Volume.

Level indicator displaying tank level or volume, with 1-4 relay status indicators, compatible with any EchoPod level sensor configured with WebCal 6 software.

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