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The UK's Independent Flow and Level Specialists - Full International Shipping


offer a comprehensive range of services to our customers. Our consultative approach enables us to not only help you find the right flow meter, flow sensor or level instrument for your needs, our dedicated experienced team of technical engineers and staff can survey your site, calibrate your instruments and install them to your exact specification.

If you aren't looking to purchase new instruments we can help keep your existing equipment in peak condition through a cycle of survey and maintenance; making your instruments more efficient and saving you budget.

Here is a brief summary of our services:


Over the course of a flow meters lifetime the instrument needs to be maintained and calibrated at regular intervals sometimes annually dependent on the application and industry requirements. Without being re-calibrated the accuracy of the meter can often degrade resulting in inaccurate measurements and general under-performance.

On receipt of your flow meter, we inspect the equipment for visible signs of damage to rotor sensors, electrodes and electronics, we measure the flow rate of the instrument and provide recommendations. If necessary we make adjustments and re-test to ensure the instrument performs to your requirements. The meter is then issued with a new calibration certificate (see example).

Calibration/performance checking can also be carried out on-site.

New instrumentation can be configured to your exact specifications prior to dispatch.

The liquid calibration range we offer is:

  • Rig A: 12 ml/min - 1200 l/min (liquids: water, oils and hydrocarbons to 100 centistokes ± 0.08% RD (Est.)
  • Rig B: 0.5 l/min - 30 l/min (liquids: water ± 0.15% RD)
  • Rig C: 2 m³/hr - 270 m³/hr (liquids: water)


On-Site Services

We'll visit your site and perform the service you need
whether it be a survey or installation.


Whether you have just one or a whole network of
instruments measuring flow and/or level we'll conduct
a survey for you. The surveys we offer include; risk
assessment, instrumentation location or even a
simple meter count.


To keep your instrumentation in perfect working order a programme of regular servicing can save you not only the cost of purchasing new kit but the time and resources involved in making the purchase.


We listen to our customers needs and use a consultative approach to providing the best solution possible. We can act as an outsourced consultant providing flow and level advice, monitoring instruments and reporting on performance and making adjustments to your products to ensure you get the very best performance at all times.


Our dedicated team of in-house technical engineers will install your instrumentation and leave it in good working order. We operate a no fuss, no mess approach to all installations. Our knowledge and expertise will have you up and running in no time.

To find out more about our services call us on +44 (0)1722 439880 or email us - we're here to help!

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