Metri IC-DTS Flow Meter Display



  • Compact or remote installation
  • Visual Alarm
  • Resettable Totaliser

Metri IC-DTS Flow Meter Display

The Metri DTS (Display Transmitter Switch) is an industrial flow meter display designed for use with Turbine and Paddlewheel flow sensors that have a magnetic mV output.

The DTS display offers users a simple easy to read control interface providing Analogue 4-20mA (Flowrate) with a High or Low relay alarm output. The alarm can be reset once a problem has been identified and resolved. The DTS accuracy can be further enhanced with an optional (Factory set) 10-point linearisation with the frequencies entered at each point. The unit will interpolate between these points to enhance the flow meter accuracy within the flow range and enhance repeatability.

The display itself is a 36mm x 28mm backlit LCD screen, making it easily visible in dimly lit areas. It has 2 x 10 characters of text providing quick access to flowrate, totalisation, and alarm status information.

Flexibility is further enhanced with the option of a compact (sensor mounted) or remote display away from the flow meter when the meter location is in poor access areas or in higher temperature applications. When the alarm is triggered the display flashes until the alarm setpoint hysteresis has been reached.

Features include:

​• Compact or remote installation

  • Visual alarm
  • Local flow rate and totaliser indication
  • Resettable totalizer
  • Compatible with IC-LPM Paddlewheel or IC-LTM Turbine flow sensors
  • The DTS can be fitted to a wide range of other fl ow meters, please contact us for further information.


Manufacturer: Metri Measurements

Part Ref: IC-DTS

IWN: FLO-20191128

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

The Metri IC-DTS Display Transmitter Switch offers high accuracy and high reliability in a wide variety of gas flow measurement applications.


Specification Detail of the Metri IC-DTS Display Transmitter Switch:

Pipe Size

DN25, DN50, DN80 (DN100 – pending)


Body: 304 stainless steel (standard); 316 (optional); other materials available on request

Frequency Range

25 – 1500

​​Operating Temp Range

Standard | Local: -40 to 65oC

Remote | High: -40 to 350oC

Electrical Specification

Nominal supply voltage: 24VDC, (Galvanic Isolation from the supply is critically important)

Load current: 60mA

Frequency range: 30Hz – 3Khz

Output / Display

Pulse / Selection of safe Atex /Exd options

Relay Contact Rating

Relay – SPST-NO: Voltage free contacts

Maximum voltage switching: 24 VDC

Maximum current switching: Milliamps – 500mA


CE/IP65, EN61326-1:2013 CAT 1, EN550011:2016 A1:2017


M12 x 8 pin


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