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Low Flow Sensors

Compact flow meters employing various flow technologies for low flow rates down to 0.09 l/hr.

Low Fluid Flow Meters

Advice on Selecting Low Flow Meters

Low Flow Sensors - Parameter Comparison

Mini Flow Sensor Signet 2507

Flow Through Rotor Sensor for Low Flow Rates

Mini flow rotor sensor for low flow rates with a free running rotor driven by the fluid flow. The rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the fluid flow rate.

Turbine Low Flow Sensor Signet 2100 PVDF

In Line Turbine Flow Sensor for Low Flow Rates

Compact, low flow rate, turbine flow sensor for small pipe diameters, providing accurate readings over a choice of two flow ranges

Low Flow Meter OVAL Flowmate

A Series of Micro Oval Gear Flow meters for Low Flow Measurement

Compact oval gear flow meters that offer a cost effective yet accurate and stable solution for flow measurement in low flow ranges

Low Flow Meter OVAL Mini Meter

Compact Oval Geared Flow Meter for Precise Measurement of Fuels & Oils in Small Quantities

The OVAL Mini Meter low flow meter is popular for precise flow measurement of fuels and oils in small quantities, including fuel oil consumption control and metering lubricating oil

Micro Flow Meter OVAL Hi Shot Servo 1

Servo-Controlled Micro Flow Meter for Accurate Low Flow Measurement

By maintaining a zero pressure differential across the meter, the OVAL Hi Shot Servo 1 achieves accurate measurement of extremely low flows and over a wide flow range with fast speed of response

Fuel Oil Low Flow Meter OVAL Keromate RN

Micro Flow Meters for Monitoring Domestic Fuel Oil Consumption

The Keromate is a small, lightweight oval geared flow meters with a choice of 2 flow ranges designed for monitoring fuel oil usage and control of fuel oil supply

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