Hydrostatic Level Sensors

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2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor

Part Ref: 3-2250-

IWN: LEV-903296

The Signet 2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor for level and depth control has a one-piece injection moulded PVDF body...

IC IMCL Submersible Level Transmitter

Part Ref: IC-IMCL

IWN: LEV-349300

IC-IMCL submersible level transmitters are designed for continuous level measurement of rivers or reservoirs or tank level measurement...

IC IMSL Submersible Level Transmitter

Part Ref: IC-IMSL

IWN: LEV-937486

The IMSL Submersible Level Transmitter is ideal for submersion in liquids such as water, oil and other non...

IC-IMP-LR Low Range Pressure | Level Transmitter

Part Ref: IC-IMP-LR

IWN: LEV-957372

The IC-IMP-LR low range level / pressure transmitter has a piezo-resistive silicon pressure sensor which is an oil...

IMTG Tank Gauging Level Transmitter

Part Ref: IMTG

IWN: LEV-191665

The IMTG has been designed for use in continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oils and fuels...

LMK 858 Hydrostatic Level Transmitter

Part Ref: LMK 858-41

IWN: LEV-578368

The Hydrostatic Level Sensor | Transmitter LMK 858 has been developed for continuous level measurement in aggressive media....

S12S SDI-12 Submersible level transmitter

IWN: LEV-892802

A hydrostatic level transmitter with SDI-12 protocol output via the SDI-12 RS232 interface, fully submersible with measurement ranges...