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d⋅flux Multi Series | Mass Flow & Controllers

Part Ref: d-flux


The Vögtlin d⋅flux Multi Series is a fast and reliable multi-parameter mass flow meter for gases with measurement...


RITTER drum gas meters can be used universally for measuring the volume of flowing gases, especially for small...


The MilliGascounters (MGC) are designed for the volumetric measurement of the smallest amounts of gas with ultra-low flow...

Bellows-type Gas Meters

RITTER Bellows-type Gas Meters for measuring the volume of flowing inert and dry gases and are particularly effective...

Biogas Batch Fermentation System

The RITTER Biogas Batch Fermentation System allows the investigation of fermentation processes with up to 16 uniformly tempered...

Vögtlin Red-y Compact II

Part Ref: GCx

IWN: FLO-898072

Vögtlin have introduced the award winning red-y Compact II digital thermal mass flow meter, regulator or switch for...

SmartTrak 101 Mass Flow Controller

Part Ref: ST101


MicroTrak™ is specifically designed for flow ranges under 4 mln/min with a minimum controllable mass flow rate of...

MultiGas Sensor

Modular sensor design Analyse up to 4 different gases plus pressure and humidity simultaneously in order to adapt...

CMS Gas Mass Flow Sensor

Part Ref: CMS

IWN: FLO-643937

The CMS is a highly reliable and versatile series of gas mass flow meters that uses a µF...