Red-y Compact II Digital Mass Flow Meter



  • Battery Powered
  • Alarm Output Option
  • Flow Range from 0-10ml/min 0-500 l/min (H2)
  • 4-20mA +Pulse Output Option

Vögtlin Red-y Compact II

Vögtlin have introduced the award winning red-y Compact II digital thermal mass flow meter, regulator or switch for air, industrial gases and gas mixtures is powered with a standard, single AA battery or external supply.

Compare the new Compact 2 with the previous first generation compact.
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Features of the Red-y Compact II Digital Mass Flow Meter include:

  • Standard AA battery powered – The flow meters are powered with a standard AA battery
  • Touch-display with intuitive navigation – With the touch-display all device settings are easily accessible. The display is backlit with an external power supply
  • 1 device – multiple gases – One device can be used for up to 3 different gases or gas mixtures
  • USB enabled – The instruments can be powered with any common Micro-USB power supply (DIN62684). Device updates can be performed using the USB interface
  • Wide choice of flow units – Choose between a large number of flow units with user adjustable reference conditions. The units are selectable from the integrated menu for both the actual and totalised flow
  • Compact design with same dimensions – The dimensions remain unchanged compared to the existing models
red-y compact series Service Tool with Firmware Update 3.0.7


The Firmware update offers the following features and improvements:

  • Automatic screen adjustment (display rotates automatically)
  • Measurement performance setting

Update notes: The installer and firmware are packed into the Vögtlin Service Tool package that is simple and reliable to use (no software installation required). The update takes place via a USB cable.


​Red-y Compact 2 series wins
Flow Control Innovation Awards 2016
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Manufacturer: Vögtlin

Part Ref: GCx

IWN: FLO-898072

Gas: Air, Other Gas

Media Type: Gases

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Thermal mass flow meter, regulator or switch for air, industrial gases and gas mixtures with battery power or external supply.

Specification Detail of the Red-y Compact II Digital Mass Flow Meter:

Pipe Size
DN6 – DN25

Material Body
Anodized aluminium, optional stainless steel electropolished

Flow Range
from 0-10ml/min 0-500 l/min (H2)

± 2.0% of full scale

Operating Temp Range
0 to 50ᵒC

Pressure Range
0.2 – 11 bar

Outputs & Comms
4-20mA +Pulse Output Option

Insertion / Inline

Gas Type
Air, O2*, N2*, He, Ar, CO2, H2, CH4, C3H8 (other gases and gas mixtures on request)

Applicable Liquids

Standard AA Battery, 24 Vdc


Connection Type
BSP, VCR, custom, (manifold)