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Fluidwell D Series

New Fluidwell D Series products available iCenta Controls now supply the D490 model from Fluidwell. To find out...

Fluidwell F Series

iCenta Controls are now supplying the following models of the Fluidwell F Series Field Mount. ​F490 (Loop Powered...

Metron 2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System

IWN: LEV-508381

The Metron 2 is an affordable, easy to use wire-free telemetry device with four configurable inputs and two...

GF 9900 Multi-Parameter Transmitter

Part Ref: GF-9900

IWN: FLO-GF-9900

The 9900 Multi-Parameter Transmitter has superseded most of Signets previous range of individual Transmitters and Indicators, please contact...