Metron 2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System



  • Back-lit LCD display
  • Wireless data transfer
  • Multiple alarm settings

Metron 2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System

The Metron 2 is an affordable, easy to use wire-free telemetry device with four configurable inputs and two contact outputs. An integral back-lit display allows the Metron 2 to be configured and commissioned extremely easily using a logical menu system. It logs data and sends wirelessly, it sends alarms and it displays the readings on the screen. It can be powered by its own internal battery or an external power source.

The Metron 2 is suited to a great many applications but specifically as a remote tank level gauge. The telemetry device will interface to a range of level sensors, providing them with power. As well as being able to display the level readings locally, it can send the readings wirelessly to mobile phones or to a computer.

Features of the Metron 2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System include:

  • Ability to interface with up to four analogue (0-10V or 4-20mA), or digital (ON/OFF) signals
  • Optional plug in board with 5 pulse or digital inputs (max frequency 20Hz)
  • 2 digital outputs rated a 2A @ 30 Vdc – optional extra On board excitation for sensors, 3.6 volts (non-regulated), 5v, or 21.6 volts (max 31.25mA)
  • Internal non rechargeable battery powered or external 6 to 24 Vdc power source.
  • Back lit LCD display, 40 x 40mm, 128 x 128 pixels, to help with on-site setup & diagnosis.

General Applications:

  • Remote tank level monitoring
  • Remote meter reading
  • M2M – alerts from machines
  • Irrigation and abstraction monitoring and control


Manufacturer: iCenta

IWN: LEV-508381

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Product Specification:
The Metron 2 is a versatile, reliable, robust, yet affordable device offering integral GSM that can interface to sensors and alarm signals (ON/OFF). Communicates periodically and/or on alarm, either directly via SMS or using our data services to send emails and view historical data.
Specification Detail of the Metron 2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System:

Pipe Size

Material Body

Operating Temp Range
-20 to 65°C

Pressure Range 

Outputs & Comms 
Integrated GSM (GPRS or SMS)

Battery, solar and mains options.

R&TTE directive. GE, GCF, FCC, PTCRB, IC and ANATEL approved.

Connection Type
Wireless and USB