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DataView LI55 Level Controller

Part Ref: LI55

IWN: LEV-597024

The DataView LI55 Level Controller is a general-purpose level meter displaying engineering units with one 4-20 mA or...

PodView LI40 Level Indicator

The Flowline Podview Level Indicator is a general-purpose indicator displaying levels or volumes in tanks with 1-4 relay...

Fluidwell D Series

New Fluidwell D Series products available iCenta Controls now supply the D490 model from Fluidwell. To find out...

Fluidwell E Series

The E-Series provides a range of user-friendly indicators, totaliser and monitoring systems designed to be used in harsh...

Fluidwell F Series

iCenta Controls are now supplying the following models of the Fluidwell F Series Field Mount. ​F490 (Loop Powered...

Fluidwell N Series

The DIN panel mount batch controller N-Series from Fluidwell distinguishes itself by its user-friendly features: Numerical keypad, clear...

9950 Dual Channel Transmitter

The 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter is a two-channel controller that supports two sensors of same or different types...

FlowCon 200i External Display

Part Ref: FC200i

IWN: DIS-643892

The FlowCon 200i is an external display and programming unit for use in combination with Flowmax ultrasonic flowmeters....

Metri IC-DTS Flow Meter Display

Part Ref: IC-DTS

IWN: FLO-20191128

The Metri DTS (Display Transmitter Switch) is an industrial flow meter display designed for use with Turbine and...

SL7000 Series Data Logger

Part Ref: SL7000

IWN: DL-SL7000

The Universal SL7000 Data Logger has up to 4 universal inputs, each accepting; RTD / Pt100, Thermocouple (Types...

Metron 2 GSM Wireless Telemetry System

IWN: LEV-508381

The Metron 2 is an affordable, easy to use wire-free telemetry device with four configurable inputs and two...

Tracker 220 Series

Part Ref: 220

IWN: DIS-767236

The Tracker 220 series of universal input indicators comprises a range of four models which offer unparalleled price...

Multicon CMC-99 Data Logger

Part Ref: CMC-99

IWN: DIS-003915

The Multicon CMC-99 is a powerful and versatile compact-multichannel-controller with a capability to record data, if the recording...

Multicon CMC-141 Data Logger

Part Ref: CMC-141

IWN: DIS-003920

The MultiCon line includes advanced controllers and recorders with great potential closed in small casings. MultiCon has been...