Fluidwell N Series



  • Selectable engineering units
  • Modbus communication option
  • Receipt printer driver

Fluidwell N Series

The DIN panel mount batch controller N-Series from Fluidwell distinguishes itself by its user-friendly features: Numerical keypad, clear programming menu structure, easy to read display and simple mounting enclosure. The numerical keypad allows simple and fast changing of the pre-set batch quantity. Fluidwell stands for simplicity and reliability, and it is now available in this customer focused and application driven batch controller.


  • Save time and cost with the easy to operate N Series Batch Controller
  • Your crew is in control with our highly praised “know one, know them all” configuration structure, saving time and cost.
  • Key information at a glance as the display simultaneously shows actual value, pre-set value, batch process indication, switch point indication and measuring units.
  • Easy installation with the rugged aluminium DIN-size panel mount enclosure

The DIN panel mount Batch Controller N Series features:

  • Full numerical keypad
  • Shows actual value, pre-set value, batch process indication, switch point indication and measuring units simultaneously.
  • Five control inputs for remote START, HOLD, RESUME, keypad lock and external alarm.
  • 7 large digits (14mm, 0.56″) for actual value, flow rate and total
  • 10 smaller digits (8mm, 0.3″) for pre-set value, accumulated total and batch count.
  • Selectable on-screen engineering units for volumetric or mass: L, m³, USGAL, IGAL, ft³, bbl, kg, Ton, lb
  • Easy operation to enter a batch value and to control the process.
  • Easy configuration with clear alphanumerical display
  • No-flow monitoring.
  • Automatic overrun correction
  • Bright LED backlight
  • Auto backup of settings and running totals in EEPROM memory
  • Ambient temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to 140°F)
  • Aluminium IP67 (NEMA4X) DIN front panel of 144 x 72mm (5.67″ x 2.83″)

Applications include:

  • Accurate batching or filling of liquids where the batch size changes frequently.
  • The N-Series offers the perfect solution for batch control applications where a user-friendly instrument is required. Whether you focus on its clear display information, the very easy to operate numerical keypad or the easy menu-driven configuration structure, Fluidwell is always your first and best choice.
  • For analogue inputs we offer the F-Series and D-Series batch controllers from Fluidwell
  • For intrinsically safe applications we offer our field mount F-Series indicators

We’ve got a great new Fluidwell configurator tool to help making your decision that much easier. Why not head over to the Guides and Tools section of the site and take a look now!


Manufacturer: Fluidwell

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Product Specification:

DIN panel mount batch controllers, built for operators and users.



The complete range of Batch Controllers N-Series from Fluidwell is:

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DIN Panel mount – Batch controller with numerical keypad, remote control inputs and 3 control / alarm / pulse outputs.

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DIN Panel mount – Batch controller with receipt printer driver and numerical keypad