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9950 Dual Channel Transmitter

The 9950 Dual Channel Transmitter is a two-channel controller that supports two sensors of same or different types...

2450 Pressure Transmitter

IWN: PRE-928544

The 2450 Pressure Transmitter has a one-piece injection moulded PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in...

GF Signet 9900 1BC

+GF+ Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller System ​​The Signet 9900-1BC Batch Controller system provides control capability and process fine-tuning...

Digital Pressure Transmitter Sitrans P, DS III series

Part Ref: 7MF4

IWN: PRE-442055

Various versions of the SITRANS P are available for pressure, absolute pressure, diff. pressure, flow, and level. The...

IC-IMP Industrial Pressure Transmitter

Part Ref: IC-IMP

IWN: PRE-651604

The IC-IMP industrial pressure transmitter has a piezo‐resisitive ceramic pressure sensor giving it excellent media compatibility. The housing...

IC-IMP-LR Low Range Pressure | Level Transmitter

Part Ref: IC-IMP-LR

IWN: LEV-957372

The IC-IMP-LR low range level / pressure transmitter has a piezo-resistive silicon pressure sensor which is an oil...

Pressure Indicator | Transmitter DMD341

Part Ref: DMD341

IWN: PRE-740882

The DMD 341 is a low range differential pressure indicator for non-aggressive gases and compressed air. Because of...

Pressure Indicator | Transmitter DS200

Part Ref: DS200

IWN: PRE-794723

The DS 200 electronic pressure switch is a combination of precise pressure indicator/ transmitter, intelligent pressure switch and...

Pressure Indicator | Transmitter DS201

Part Ref: DS201

IWN: PRE-596420

The DS201 electronic pressure switch is a combination of precise pressure transmitter, intelligent pressure switch and digital display...

Pressure Transmitter LMK 331

Part Ref: LMK331

IWN: PRE-486056

The LMK 331 screw-in pressure transmitter has been specially designed for level and process measurement. Due to the...

Pressure Switch - DS400 Series

Part Ref: DS400

IWN: PRE-985403

The DS400 Pressure Switch is the successful combination of intelligent pressure switch and digital display and is suitable...

Pressure Transmitter Xact i

Part Ref: xact-i

IWN: PRE-993212

The Xact i Pressure Transmitter is an intelligent, high-precision instrument with long term stability that has been designed...

Hygienic Pressure Switch DMP 331P

Part Ref: DMP331

IWN: PRE-290836

The Hygienic Pressure Switch DMP 331P was designed for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The compact...

IC-PPL8 Temperature Sensor

Part Ref: PPL8-P

IWN: PRE-827650

The PPL8 temperature sensor incorporates a pocket as well as a spring loaded insert which allows it to...

ICT 6000 Temperature Sensor

Part Ref: ICT6000-

IWN: PRE-670935

The ICT-6000 is a competitively-priced temperature sensor with integral transmitter as part of its expanding range of control...