Digital Pressure Transmitter Sitrans P, DS III series



  • High level of accuracy
  • Wide range of certification
  • Multiple functional options

Digital Pressure Transmitter Sitrans P, DS III series

Various versions of the SITRANS P are available for pressure, absolute pressure, diff. pressure, flow, and level.

The transmitters can be equipped with various designs of remote seals for special applications such as the measurement of highly viscous substances. They can also be programmed locally using three input keys or externally via HART. The table in the product datasheet describes the fundamental parameters.

The SITRANS P pressure transmitter is immediately ready for operation following installation. The adjustable span corresponds to the data on the rating plate. If a customer-specific setting is made in the factory, the start-of-scale and full-scale values are printed on the rating plate. If necessary, the parameters can also be changed during commissioning using simple input operations on the transmitter.

Transmitters conforming to the type of protection “Intrinsic safety” and “Explosion-proof” may be installed within potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 1) or zone 0. They are provided with an EU prototype test certificate and comply with the corresponding harmonized European standards of the ATEX.

Features of the Sitrans P pressure transmitter include:

  • Extensive diagnostics and simulation functions
  • Simple configuration via three onboard pushbuttons
  • Reduced Maintenance: No need for constant recalibration and recertification
  • Stays within factory spec calibration for five years.
  • Internal registers for diagnostics protect the piezoelectric cell capsule from high or low temperature exposure and overpressure range.
  • Now certified lead-free and available with NSF-61/371 Certification to comply with the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act (Certification not available on all models except DS-III level transmitters.)
  • Suitable for installation in SIL 2 applications in accordance with IEC 61508 /IEC 61511. In the PROFIsafe version, it guarantees maximum communication safety up to the control system level.
  • Wide range of certification and approval e.g. ATEX EEx ia, EEx ib, Dust protection, FM, CS
  • Option of using a simulation function for loop check functions
  • Opens up a host of different bus communication options for you: HART, PROFIBUS PA, PROFIsafe or FF


Manufacturer: Siemens

Part Ref: 7MF4

IWN: PRE-442055

Gas: Other Gas

Media Type: Gases, Liquids

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Product Specification

The SITRANS P Series DSIII is a precision digital transmitter for pressure, absolute pressure, differential pressure, flow and level and has extensive diagnostics and simulation functions. ​


Specification Detail of the Sitrans P Digital Pressure Transmitter:

Pipe Size

¼ to ½”

Material Body

Stainless steel, Die-cast aluminium.

Flow Range



Accuracy – ≤ 0.075 %

Operating Temp Range

-40 to +100 °C (-40 to +212 °F)

Pressure Range

0 to 500bar

Outputs & Comms

4 to 20 mA, optional HART communication

Fluid Type

Gases, Vapours, and liquids

Applicable Media

Aggressive and non-aggressive gases/liquids


DC 10.5 to 45 V and DC 10.5 to 30 V in intrinsically safe mode


ATEX EEx ia, EEx ib, Dust protection, FM, CS

Connection Type

Connection shank G½A to DIN 16 288, female thread ½ – 14 NPT or oval flange

Female thread ¼ – 18 NPT and flange connection to DIN 19 213 with mounting thread M10