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ALTImass Type B Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Part Ref: GAL5x

IWN: FLO-694669

The ALTImass Type B is a user-friendly, general-purpose Coriolis mass flow meter with rainbow-shaped tubes that offers a...

OVAL ALTImass Type S Coriolis Meter

Part Ref: CS0xx

IWN: FLO-689840

The ALTImass Type S Coriolis Mass flow meter from Oval has a single straight-tube Coriolis flow meter characterised...

OVAL ALTImass Type U Coriolis Meter

Part Ref: CAxxx

IWN: FLO-121417

The OVAL ALTImass Type U is a general purpose mass flow meter with versatile application for liquids and...

OVAL CoriMate II Low Flow Coriolis Meter

Part Ref: CR00xD-SS-200N

IWN: FLO-576473

The CoriMate 2 Coriolis flow meter from OVAL Flow Meters is a miniature Coriolis Meter for low flow...

OVAL MassFlex Coriolis Flow Meter

Part Ref: CN00

IWN: FLO-850605

The Massflex Microflow Coriolis Flow Meter is a precise application that can Operate at High Pressures and for...

OVAL ULTRAmass MK II Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

Part Ref: CN00x

IWN: FLO-490526

The know-how and experience gained in our specialised domain of manufacturing flow meters have been used in the...