ULTRAmass MK II Coriolis Flow Meter



  • Lightweight and compact
  • Exceptional accuracy
  • Explosion proof configuration

OVAL ULTRAmass MK II Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

The know-how and experience gained in our specialised domain of manufacturing flow meters have been used in the development of a new a high-performance Coriolis flow meter capable of directly measuring mass flow rate with high accuracy. High accurate measurement is also possible for the purpose of large mass flow measurement.

Ultra-high pressure type available also, see product pdf for details.

Features of the ULTRAmass MK II Coriolis Meter include:

  • Exceptional accuracy (±0.1% ±zero stability error of reading for liquid service) and high sensitivity (measuring range 1 to 200).
  • Accepts both liquid and gas. Measures accurately with small pressure loss over a broad flow range.
  • Measures density and temperature accurately in addition to mass flowrate.
  • Minimum pockets for the process fluid to stay (in vertical installation) offers ease of cleaning.
  • Applicable to a widely varying kinds of process fluid thanks to stainless steel or Alloy C components.
  • Lightweight and compactly built, yet exceptionally high mechanical strength. The result is ease of handling, installation space saving, and increased process safety.
  • Explosionproof configuration permits meter installation in a hazardous location.


Manufacturer: OVAL

Part Ref: CN00x

IWN: FLO-490526

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water, Fuel & Oil, Slurry

Gas: Air, Steam, Other Gas

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The ULTRAmass MKII is a general purpose mass flow meter with versatile application for liquids and gases.

Specification Detail of the ULTRAmass MK II Coriolis Meter:

Pipe Size
10mm to 80mm

Material Body

Flow Range
0 to 120000 (kg/h)


Pressure Range Max.
9.4 MPa

Outputs & Comms

Operating Temp Range
-200 to +200℃

Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type
Liquids and gases

Applicable Liquids
Liquids and gases