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d⋅flux Multi Series | Mass Flow & Controllers

Part Ref: d-flux


The Vögtlin d⋅flux Multi Series is a fast and reliable multi-parameter mass flow meter for gases with measurement...

Vögtlin Red-y Compact II

Part Ref: GCx

IWN: FLO-898072

Vögtlin have introduced the award winning red-y Compact II digital thermal mass flow meter, regulator or switch for...

SmartTrak 101 Mass Flow Controller

Part Ref: ST101


MicroTrak™ is specifically designed for flow ranges under 4 mln/min with a minimum controllable mass flow rate of...

SmartTrak 100L & 100M Flow Controllers

Part Ref: ST100L (Low Flow), ST100M (Med Flow), ST100H (High Flow)

IWN: FLO-ST100 (L, M or H)

SmartTrak® 100 Series features performance, user-friendly features and flexibility. The 100 Series gives users the world’s most linear...

SmartTrak 100HP (High Pressure)

Part Ref: ST100HP


Precision flow measurement and control at very high gas pressures is among the most challenging applications in the...

RED-Y Thermal Mass Flow Meter IP67 ATEX Series

Part Ref: Glx

IWN: FLO-632831

Voegtlin’s tried and tested mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are now available with IP67/NEMA 6 protection...

Vögtlin Pressure Controller

Part Ref: GSx

IWN: FLO-376436

Red-y smart pressure controllers from Voegtlin of Switzerland combine reliable thermal mass flow technology with electronic pressure control....

Vögtlin Red-y SMART Mass Flow Meter

Part Ref: GSx

IWN: FLO-324239

The Red-y smart series of mass flow meters and mass flow controllers are available in a standard economic...

RED-Y Smart PCU 10

Part Ref: GSM

IWN: FLO-914353

The Red-y smart process control unit is ideally suited to power and control up to ten red-y smart...

Red-y Smart PCU 10 Mix

Part Ref: GSx

IWN: FLO-841176

The PCU10 Mix gas mixer is designed to produce high-precision, consistent gas mixtures from up to four component...

Micro Needle M Flow

Part Ref: FLM

IWN: FLO-554408

The M-flow from Voegtlin Instruments is an integrated constituent of Q-flow and V100 float rotameters that is often...

Vögtlin Q Flow Variable Area Flow Meter

Part Ref: FLQ

IWN: FLO-365370

The Rotameter Q flow is a modern range of variable area flow meters from Vögtlin Instruments for gases...

Vögtlin V-100 Variable Area | Rotameter

Part Ref: FLV

IWN: FLO-651882

This product has been discontinued. Our team of Variable Area Flow Meter experts can find a replacement for...