Flow Technologies

Magnetic Flow / Magflow Meters

Since their introduction in the 1950s, Magflow electromagnetic flow meters have become one of the most widely used flowmeter types for measuring water and other liquids. Also known as Magmeters, magnetic flow meters or…

Paddle Wheel

Principles of Operation Paddle wheel flow meters consist of three primary components: the paddle wheel sensor, the pipe fitting and the display/controller. The paddle wheel sensor consists of a freely rotating wheel | impeller…


Principles of Operation The basic construction of turbine flow meters includes a bladed turbine rotor which is axially suspended in the pipe. As the fluid flows through the pipe, it causes the rotor to spin on its axis…


Selecting Vortex Flow Meters Vortex Flow Meter Principle of Operation Under certain conditions vortices regularly form downstream of an object (bluff body) placed in a flowing fluid and shed on alternating sides of the stream.

Thermal Mass

Principles of Operation Thermal mass flow meters employ the thermal dispersion principle whereby the rate of heat absorbed by a fluid flowing in a pipe or duct is directly proportional to its mass flow.

Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The ultrasonic flow meter | sensor is a non-invasive volume flow measurement tool, which employs one of two basic principles of operation, namely transit-time and Doppler Effect technologies…

Oval Gear Flow Meters

Oval gear flow meters are a type of positive displacement flow meter that utilizes oval-shaped gears to precisely measure the volumetric flow rate of a liquid. Let’s explore how it works…

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