MassFlex Coriolis Flow Meter



  • Installs directly into pipe
  • Low flow from 0.2g/min
  • Density measurement optional

OVAL MassFlex Coriolis Flow Meter

The Massflex Microflow Coriolis Flow Meter is a precise application that can Operate at High Pressures and for pressures up to 15MPa. This highly precise flow meter from OVAL comes with an explosion-proof enclosure.

Features of the Coriolis Meter OVAL Massflex include:

  • Micro Coriolis mass flow meter for extremely low flows from 0.2 g/min
  • Operates under pressures up to 150 bar (liquids)
  • Option to measure density as well as flow rate
  • Meter installs directly in the piping (vibration proof base not required)
  • Explosion-proof enclosure

Suitable applications:

  • Metering natural gas consumption
  • Custody transfer
  • Catalyst addition processes


Manufacturer: OVAL

Part Ref: CN00

IWN: FLO-850605

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water, Fuel & Oil, Slurry

Gas: Air, Steam, Other Gas

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High precision, microflow Coriolis mass meter for pressures up to 15MPa and with explosion-proof enclosure.

Specification Detail of the Coriolis Meter OVAL MassFlex:

Pipe Size

Material Body

Flow Range
0 to 150 g/min

±/- 0.2% liquid – ±/- 0.5% gas

Operating Temp Range
-200 to +200oC

Pressure Range
Liquid 15MPa at 20ᵒC to gas 0.98MPa

Outputs & Comms
Status input/output – 4/20mA & pulse

Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type
Clean water, dirty water, slurry, fuel & oil, air, other gas

Applicable Liquids
Liquid and gases

85 to 264VAC (50/60Hz) or 20 to 30 VDC

ATEX TIIS (Exib II BT3, Exib II BT4)

Connection Type
Screwed male BSP 1/4″