ICT 6000 Temperature Sensor



  • Clean simple design
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customised sensors available

ICT 6000 Temperature Sensor

The ICT-6000 is a competitively-priced temperature sensor with integral transmitter as part of its expanding range of control instrumentation.

An optional plug in display is also available with the ICT-6000 to fit in-between the transmitter and the plug. It provides the user with a clear LED local display without affecting the 4-20mA output, it also maintains the IP65 rating for the connector. No separate power supply is needed as the unit draws its power from the signal loop. (All of our 6000 series are compatible with the display when specified with the DIN43650 connector option.)

Features of the ICT-6000 Temperature Sensor include:

  • All wetted parts 316 stainless steel
  • Standard DIN connectors
  • Range of lengths, including specials
  • 4-20mA or customer specified output
  • Standard temperature range 0-100°C or customised range
  • Customised sensors available
  • Competitive pricing & rapid delivery
  • Clean simple design


Manufacturer: iCenta

Part Ref: ICT6000-

IWN: PRE-670935

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Product Specification:
ICT-6000 temperature sensor with integral transmitter, competitively-priced with a range of attractive features.

Specification Detail of the ICT-6000 temperature sensor:

Sensor type 
Platinum Resistance Thermometer—Pt100, 3 wire

Material Body 
316 stainless steel

Sensor tolerance band 
Class B, Class A, 1/3 DIN, 1/5 DIN or 1/10 DIN


Operating Temp Range 
-50 to +250°C

Pressure Range 

Outputs & Comms 4
-20mA, 2 wire

10-30V d.c. Loop Powered

Sheath diameter 
4.5 to 15mm

Connection Type
DIN43650 IP65  or M12 IP67