Pressure Transmitter LMK 331



  • Good long term stability
  • Suitable for aggressive media
  • Customer specific versions

Pressure Transmitter LMK 331

The LMK 331 screw-in pressure transmitter has been specially designed for level and process measurement. Due to the semi flush mounted pressure sensors the LMK 331 can also be used in viscous or contaminated media. The ceramic sensors feature high compatibility against aggressive media. The sensor is sealed against the pressure port depending on the nominal pressure range with FKM or NBR seals as standard. Other elastomers are available. Pressure port material is alternatively stainless steel 1.4571 (316Ti), or, for particularly aggressive media, PVDF or PVC. For process measurement applications different process connections are available on request. Additionally it is possible to use the screw-in transmitter LMK 331 in explosive area (zone 0).

Features of the LMK331 Pressure Transmitter include:

  • Ceramic sensor without oil-filling with high resistance against aggressive media, e.g. acids and lye
  • Flush diaphragm
  • Pressure ports in stainless steel, PVC, or PVDF
  • Accuracy 0.25% FSO BFSL (0.5% FSO IEC 60770)
  • Nominal pressure ranges from 0 – 160 mbar up to 0 – 60 bar
  • Small thermal effects
  • Good long term stability
  • Optional Ex-version (only for 4 ¦ 20 mA / 2-wire)
  • Customer specific versions with special pressure ranges available

Typical Applications:

  • Tank level measurement
  • Water and sewage treatment
  • Paper industry
  • Chemical industry


Manufacturer: iCenta

Part Ref: LMK331

IWN: PRE-486056

Media Type: Liquids, Gases

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Product Specification:
The LMK 331 screw-in pressure transmitter has been specially designed for level and process measurement with ceramic sensors for high compatibility against aggressive media.

Specification Detail of the LMK 331 Pressure Transmitter:

Pipe Size
¾ to 1½”

Material Body
Stainless steel, PVC or PVDF

Flow Range

0.25 % FSO BFSL (0.5 % FSO IEC 60770)

Operating Temp Range
-25 … 135 °C

Pressure Range
up to 600bar

Outputs & Comms
4 … 20 mA / VS=

Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type
Liquid or gas option

Applicable Liquids
Viscous, pasty , lightly contaminated

12 … 36 VDC


Connection Type 
G¾ to 1½”