PodView LI40 Level Indicator



  • Corrosion resistant enclosure
  • Indicates level or volume
  • Requires no programming

PodView LI40 Level Indicator

The Flowline Podview Level Indicator is a general-purpose indicator displaying levels or volumes in tanks with 1-4 relay status indicators. This Flowline indicator is compatible with any EchoPod level sensor configured with WebCal 6 software and updated to V50 firmware or higher.

​Powered by the EchoPod, the field mount indicator may be located up to 4.5m (15′) from the sensor. PodView requires no programming. The indicator repeats the measured value, applicable relay status and set point configuration of the attached sensor. EchoPod relay set point changes can be easily made through the field indicator.

Features of the PodView LI40 Level Indicator include:

  • ​Indicates tank level or volume and relay status.
  • Enables EchoPod relay set point changes in the field.
  • Powered directly by the attached EchoPod sensor.
  • Repeats EchoPod sensor data with no programming
  • Corrosion resistant enclosure with NEMA 4 faceplate
  • A general-purpose indicator displaying tank level or volume.


Manufacturer: Flowline

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Product Specification

A general-purpose indicator displaying tank level or volume.


Specification Detail of the PodView LI40 Level Indicator:

pose indicator displaying tank level or volume.

Display Type

LCD, 6-digit with 4 relay indicators

Enclosure Material


Enclosure Rating

NEMA 4 (IP65) faceplate

Display Units


Operating Temp Range

-20° to 60°C


Push button





Opt. Memory

MicroSD card

Sensor Inputs

4 – 20 mA

Supply Voltage

Provided by EchoPod


CE (Pending)


General Purpose


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