EchoPod DL34 Ultrasonic Level Sensor



  • Ideal for small tank applications
  • 6P rated for corrosive liquids
  • Fast & accurate configuration

EchoPod DL34 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

The EchoPod DL34 is a general purpose, ultrasonic level sensor providing non-contact level detection up to 5 m with 4 SPST 60 VA 1A relays and a two-wire 4-20 mA level measurement output. Each relay can be configured on a single set point alarm or latched on two sets for automatic fill or empty in simplex or duplex control modes with fail-safe logic. The embedded controller can replace external control hardware. The sensor is well suited for a wide range of corrosive, sticky, or dirty type media.

 Features of the EchoPod DL34 Ultrasonic Level Sensor include:

  • Multi-function sensor provides 4-20 mA measurement, switch, and control functions.
  • Compact sensor with 3″ beam width and 8” dead band optimized for small tank applications.
  • Four 1A relays programmable for switch or advanced pump or valve control and fail safety.
  • Rugged PVDF transducer and polycarbonate enclosure rated 6P for corrosive applications.
  • WebCal, an innovative PC user interface that provides fast and accurate configuration.

The EchoPod DL34 is ideally suited for:

  • Atmospheric day tank level
  • Process vessels or dispensers
  • Waste sumps
  • Pump lift stations
  • Mini-bulk storage applications
  • Small tank applications

Ordering Notes:

  1. EchoPod cannot be configured without the WebCal USB FOB. One Fob will configure all EchoPods.
  2. WebCal is a free download from



Manufacturer: Flowline

Liquid: Corrosive, Sticky, Dirty Liquids

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification:

General purpose non-contact ultrasonic level switch, controller, and transmitter for medium to large tanks 5 m or less.


Specification Detail of the EchoPod DL34 Ultrasonic Level Sensor:


5.5m (18.0′)

Material Body


Beam Width

7.6cm (3″)


±0.2% of range

Operating Temp Range

-7 to 60°C

Pressure Range

Up to 2 bar


4-20ma, two -wire

Contact Type

(4) SPST relays

Fluid Type


Applicable Liquids

Corrosive, sticky, or dirty liquids

Supply Voltage

24 VC (loop)




General Purpose