d.flux Multi Series



  • Small | Compact Design
  • Alarm Warning & Diagnostics
  • High Flow Rates

d⋅flux Multi Series | Mass Flow & Controllers

The Vögtlin dflux Multi Series is a fast and reliable multi-parameter mass flow meter for gases with measurement outputs for mass, volumetric and normalised flow, pressure and temperature.

One of the many advantages of this laminar flow meter is the ability to easily switch to a different gas without a loss in accuracy.

Features of the dflux Multi Series:

  • The unit is available as meter or with a strong integrated control valve as controller
  • Flow rates up to 1400 ln/min
  • Multiple pre-programmed gases
  • State-of-the-art communication
  • Wide application scope IP54
  • Wireless device access with the free Vögtlin Connect app
  • Alarm, warning and diagnostic features
  • High accuracy, sample rate and fast response
  • Minimum Inlet required
  • Custom application profiles
  • Introducing Vögtlin Automated Dynamics VADy®


Part Ref: d-flux


Media Type: Gases

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Specification Detail of the d⋅flux Mass Flow Meter | Controller:

Measuring Ranges
Standard ranges
(air / user adjustable)
LFE1400 from 0-1000 ln/min to 0-1400 ln/min
LFE1000 from 0-700 ln/min to 0-1000 ln/min
LFE700 from 0-500 ln/min to 0-700 ln/min
LFE500 from 0-350 ln/min to 0-500 ln/min

0.5% of user full scale + 1% of measured value (after tare at operating conditions)

All gases and gas mixtures that are compatible with the selected materials.
The device is not suitable for Hydrogen, Helium, corrosive and explosive gases.

± 0.2% of factory full scale (according to SEMI standard E56-0309)

Longterm Stability
Typical < 0.2% of measured value / year after tare

Power Supply Meter
15-36 Vdc, (200 mA@24Vdc, regulated) / Controller: 24 Vdc ±10%, (2000mA@24Vdc, regulated)
Power in through M8-4P connection or optionally through D-sub connection
(ripple should not exceed 100 mV peak-to-peak) We recommend that the body of this unit is properly connected to ground

Operation Pressure
1  to 14 bar a

environment/gas) -20 to +60 °C (-4 to 140 °F)

Humidity gas
0-95% Rh (non-condensing)

Pressure sensitivity
< 0.08% FFS5+0.1% MV per bar (typical air)

Temperature sensitivity
<0.02% FFS* per 1 °C of inlet gas temperature @ 7 bar a pressure

Accuracy temperature
Typically ± 0.5 °C (not certified)


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