2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor



  • Easy installation
  • Choice of pressure ranges
  • Level/depth measurement

2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor

The Signet 2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor for level and depth control has a one-piece injection moulded PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm for superior compatibility in corrosive liquids. Utilising hydrostatic pressure, the Signet 2250 disregards false level signals from steam vapours, foam, or any other debris on the liquid surface. Two pressure ranges allow for optimal resolution matched to your sensing needs. Solid state circuitry eliminates drift (no internal potentiometers).

These sensors are available with a proprietary digital (S3L) output, or 4 to 20 mA output. The extended cable and capillary tubing with the union connection and a customer supplied conduit, allow submersion in process vessels.

 Features of the Signet 2250 include:

  • Level/depth measurement
  • 4 to 20mA or digital (S3L) output
  • One-piece injection moulded PVDF body
  • Flush ceramic diaphragm
  • Easy submersible installation
  • Choice of two pressure ranges: 0 – 0.7 & 0 – 3.4 Bar
  • Standard union connection and extended cable and capillary tubing 10m

General Applications:

  • Inventory management
  • Storage tank monitoring
  • Neutralisation tanks
  • Plating lines
  • Waste sumps
  • Clarifiers
  • Overflow protection


Manufacturer: GF Signet

Part Ref: 3-2250-

IWN: LEV-903296

Liquid: Dirty Water, Wastewater, Slurry, Clean Water

Media Type: Liquids

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 Product Specification:

The Signet 2250 is a submersible hydrostatic level sensor for level and depth control. Constructed from a one-piece injection moulded PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm, for superior compatibility in corrosive liquids and a choice of two pressure ranges.

Specification Detail of the Signet 2250 Hydrostatic Level Sensor:


Pipe Size


Material Body


Flow Range



±1% of full scale

Operating Temp Range

-15 °C to 85 °C

Pressure Range

-XU: 0 to 0.7 bar (0 to 10 psig)-XL: 0 to 3.4 bar (0 to 50 psig)

Outputs & Comms

Digital (S3L) or 4 to 20 mA/Serial ASCII, TTL level 9600 bps

Insertion / Inline


Fluid Type


Applicable Liquids

Water/wastewater, corrosive liquids


5 to 6.5 VDC <1.5 mA


CE, FCC, RoHS compliant, China RoHS

Manufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety

Connection Type

PVC Union connection – ¾ in.