Precision Air Flow Control

Precision Air Flow Control for Portable Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS) Generator


iCenta Controls were contacted by Fourth State a highly innovative research and development company supplying technical solutions and equipment to universities and industry. The challenge was to supply a manually controlled, compact and portable mass flow meter and to integrate it with a specialist laboratory equipment product within a short timescale.

The application required the ability to accurately set and measure the flow rate of air into the company’s Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS ) Generator “NOxLab™”. It was apparent, following discussions with iCenta engineers, that limited options were available. However, one instrument was identified as an extremely promising potential solution and the Red-y Compact II Smart Mass Flow Meter was selected. Sample units were evaluated to prove the performance of the combined systems.

The company’s RONS generator for laboratory use is a ground-breaking instrument, allowing researchers access to precise, repeatable, and stable gas mixtures of ozone (O3), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and / or nitric oxide (NO). It works by converting nitrogen and oxygen in air into RONS using air plasma technology – mimicking natural processes in lightning storms using controlled electronics and reactor designs. The accurate and repeatable flow rate of air into this device determines the chemical output (switching between modes optimised for generating different gases), which is where the Red-y Compact Flow Controller comes into its own. Its ease of use, with the simple menu system and touch screen display, enables quick and easy tuning of gas flow rates, totalised consumption and the best possible control of air flow.

Of course, at the outset of this R&D project some challenges were encountered – specifically, the input connection between the generator and the flow controller. iCenta and Vögtlin engineers provided a flange mounted valve solution to provide better input control. Following extensive testing, this configuration proved successful, and the system functioned perfectly.

As a result of combined experience, persistence, and collaboration the RONS Generator and the Icenta Red-y Compact Flow Controller have been combined to produce the most effective and accurate instrument for generating mixtures of these gases currently available on the market. A truly innovative product with additional units already in the pipeline and future orders anticipated. The modular and user-friendly RONS Generator can be quickly and easily integrated into new products and processes, following proof of concept in a laboratory setting. RONS are typically delivered for antimicrobial, bioactive or chemical uses via (a) expensive and complex compressed gas and cold plasma systems, or (b) uncontrolled and single-use chemical products. Applications of the company’s air plasma RONS generation technology include laboratory research, chemical processes, disinfection and biofilm management, healthcare and wellbeing, food processing, agriculture and bioprocess optimisation.

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Vögtlin Red-y Compact II

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