300 Series General Information

​Introduction to the Fluidwell 300-Series:

The 300-Series product range offers you a selection of batch controllers and loading systems with a very user-friendly full numerical keypad. Other advantages are: four styles of enclosures, more powerful mechanical relays, 80 character alphanumeric display and extended functions with increased levels of sophistication.

The batch controllers of the 300-Series are much more advanced compared to our F-Series and D-Series batch controllers. The enclosures have a large keypad containing eighteen or twenty keys, making configuration and entering of batch sizes a breeze.

For batch controllers with numerical keypad and DIN panel mount enclosure, we offer our N-Series.


System integration

Fluidwell products are designed with flexibility in mind, allowing you the freedom to tailor your own package requirements such as: sensor type, valve configuration and pump design. The 300-Series batch-controllers will pull these components together to form an integrated system. This type of approach requires “state of the art design” and flexibility of configuration if the optimum performance of each component is to be realised: this is the true power of the 300-Series.

The diversity of modern components and various batching applications requires powerful and multi-functional control techniques. It is for exactly this reason that we have developed the 300-Series. Whether conducting simple liquid dispensing duties, or controlling extremely critical high-speed batch processes in the packaging industry, the 300-Series offers a complete tailored solution


Clear, accurate operator information is essential. This is achieved through a precise and well defined menu structure. The numerical keypad facilitates quick batch quantity entry as well as rapid selection of pre-programmed quantities. On-board process diagnostic routines ensure excellent repeatability and provide measurement certainty and confidence, 24 hours a day, even with fluctuating flow conditions. The 300-Series is characterised by measuring precisely and accurately, whilst combining intelligent self-learning routines with diagnostic process monitoring and registration.

Display information

Alphanumeric LCD, 4 lines x 20 characters with back-lighting. All information is provided in clear, easy to follow English, German, French or Dutch text. The information is structured in a menu format separated into two levels. The operator level for day-to-day use and the parameter level used for unit set-up and configuration. Instrumentation engineers will soon be able to re-configure the unit without a manual, once familiar with its operation. Clear and easy-to-follow text without confusing abbreviations makes this possible.


​All values, unit settings and functions have been classified in various groups and can be security access code protected.


Installation and mounting

The 300-Series is available in three case designs:

  • Synthetic IP50 enclosure for wall mounting.
  • Synthetic IP65 enclosure with transparent front-door for wall mounting.
  • Panel mount IP65 with snug-fit aluminium front fascia, ideal for food-industry applications.

Flow Meters

The instrument will accept signals from most flow meters, ranging from PD-meters with reed-switches or hall-effect sensors to other NPN/PNP pulse outputs or Namur-sensors. The signal input can be checked using the featured LED located above the terminal strip. Pulses are detected with the highest software interrupt priority to guarantee maximum accuracy. 

Inputs for remote control / external prompts

Eight inputs are available including functions such as: start, stop, reset, selection of batch quantity, alarm, earth, overfill, fill-up, position loading arm, package detection etc. The degree of this functionality is product dependent. Additionally, most models have a hold-input feature which will ignore flow meter pulses whilst the system is being flushed or CIP cleaned.

Relay outputs / control

Three volt-free make-and-break (NO-NC) contacts, max. switch power 2A-230V AC are available with optional DC solid-state relays.

The outputs are used to control valves (including 2-stage control), pumps, relays or as fail-safe alarm relays. The response-times and repeatability of these valve controls is extremely high which is vitally important for accurate filling in batch-cycles below one second.

Communication / printer (option)

All units can be equipped with the RS232/RS485 communication option. Besides the process data all configuration settings can be read and modified. The communication protocol used is Modbus ASCII /RTU; max. 255 units can be addressed. The printer-data (Model 313) can be selected easily and includes all required functions, such as: customer ID, product name, time/date, totals, alarms, carriage returns etc.