D Series General Information

​Introduction to the Fluidwell D-Series:

The D-Series is available as DIN panel mount indicator, controller and monitoring system for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement applications in industrial environments. The D-Series is the better alternative for your existing, not waterproof, front panel mount indicators.

The D-Series is supplied in a unique, robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) panel mount front enclosure made of die cast aluminium, based on a popular DIN sized enclosure with a 144 x 72mm front. The enclosure withstands powerful water jets and even total immersion. Fluidwell is your first and best choice for high performance standard products and solutions!

Choose for the D-Series and always appreciate the benefits of its simplicity and broad and flexible applicability. Experience like many before you: You’ve got to have a Fluidwell!


Robust and sustainable

​Your D-Series has been developed to make your life less complicated. Save on installation and maintenance costs, experience less troubles and profit from its ruggedness and installation friendliness.

The F-Series is worldwide famous for its ruggedness. In fact, all Fluidwell products are. And the D-Series is even more impressive! The robust and unique IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) front enclosure is made of die cast aluminium and not equalled yet for a panel mounted indicator: Even total immersion is no issue.

The D-Series is your perfect solution for smaller, low cost panels and panel doors, as it has an astonishingly minimal depth clearance of only a few inches! Why bother with other panel indicators, when you can save considerably on installation and panel requirement costs with the D-series? Be smart, buy D!

Easy and multi-applicable

The D-Series is outstanding user-friendly. Configure with a simple, logical menu-driven structure, instead of with difficult hardware changes or actions. With alphanumerical descriptions of each setting instead of confusing abbreviations and difficult codes. Once familiar with a D-Series product, you can program ALL models in ALL series without need for a manual: Know one, know them all! Save on programming costs and time with Fluidwell, each time you modify product settings.

The functionality coverage of the D-Series is impressive: Within the product overview you can get flow computers, process controllers, indicators, totalisers, batch controllers, transmitters and monitoring systems for flow, level, pressure and temperature measurement.

All applications are unique; therefore no two technical requirements are the same. The D-Series offers you multiple combination possibilities for sensor in- and outputs, power and sensor supply. With this variety of combinations, there is always a D-Series that meets your technical requirements!


Your advantages

  • Only a few inches depth clearance for smaller, low cost panels and panel doors.
  • Unique, robust IP66, IP67 (NEMA4X) front enclosure made of die cast aluminium, able to withstand total immersion and even powerful water jets!
  • Resistant to harsh weather conditions (rain, snow, salty atmospheres, temperatures between -40°C/-40°F and +80°C/+178°F) without use of expensive protective cabinets.
  • Programming can be done by your own crew with the exact same, plain and sensible menu-driven structure like the F-Series, saving costs and irritations. Know one, know them all!
  • The D-Series doesn’t require any special maintenance, due to our lithium battery and special power saving options, the battery lifetime is up to 5 years. It’s fit and forget!
  • Impressive combination possibilities for sensor in- and outputs, power and sensor supply, communication and external inputs. There is always a custom-made D-Series matching your technical requirements. Pay only for what you need at Fluidwell!
  • Optional HART communication protocol is pending.

Output features

​Related to the functionality of the selected unit, the following output features are available:

  • Passive and active transistor or highly isolated relay outputs for high and low alarms or pulse output as well as the control of valves / relays in batch control applications. The tri-colour back light can be set to be red or flashing red / green, which clarifies the urgency of an alarm in case of an alarm condition.
  • Optional HART communication protocol with an isolated analogue output is pending.

Input features

  • For flow-measurement, the instrument accepts signals from most flow meters ranging from PD-meters with reed-switches or hall-effect sensors to turbine sine wave (coil) pick-ups and other NPN/PNP pulse outputs. NAMUR standard sensors and (0)4 – 20mA or 0 – 10V DCanalog devices are also catered for.
  • For level, pressure and temperature measurement, inputs are available for (0)4 – 20mA or0 – 10V DC signals. For temperature measurement, 2, 3 or 4 wire PT100 (PRTD) elements are supported. Linearisation of the input signal, square root calculation and data filter functions are all available.


Power requirements

  • The basic power input for the D-Series is 8 – 30V DC. Several other power inputs are available: With the 24V AC/DC and 115 – 230V AC power inputs, an 8.2 / 12 / 24V DC sensor supply is offered. For analogue sensors, a 4 – 20mA input loop powered version is available. Finally we offer a long life lithium battery with a life expectancy that will last up to five years.

    Since all settings are stored in EEPROM memory, you won’t lose information when replacing the battery or in the event of sudden power loss. A backup of the settings and running totals is made every minute.