E Series General Information

E Series Information

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​Overview of changes & added functionality

1. Current day total (daily total), previous day total are added (E110, E112, E115, E126). There can be up to fifteen days totals are stored and then later retrieved. Current time and contract hour setting added for storing current day totals.

This function is often used to check once a day what the total quantity has been for 1 day.
For more advanced data logging we recommend the E110, E112 with option ZL.

2. Pulse input retransmission (unscaled pulse output) added (E018, E110, E112, E115, E126).
Wellknown scaled pulse output functions remain available.
Digital output can be configured as scaled output, unscaled output or can be disabled.

The pulse input retransmission (unscaled pulse output) mode is often used when sine wave input signals (e.g. coil) need to be transmitted as robust square wave forms.

3. Infra-red keypad detection and unlock procedure is improved and more user-friendly (E018, E110, E112, E115, E126).
4. Display toggle function added (E126)
Temperature and pressure values can be displayed without pressing a key.
5. Setting the K-factor decimal point is made easier (E018, E110, E112, E115, E126).
6. “Clear total” can be password protected, to prevent operation by unauthorized staff and avoid accidental resets (E018, E110, E112, E115, E126).
7. Command register added, to “Clear total” with Modbus Communication (E110, E112, E115, E126).
8. Error info added to the Modbus Runtime variables (E110, E112, E115, E126).
9. All online available info and documentation is adapted to this E-Series upgrade.

New enclosures are also available including the 316L stainless steel enclosure and the extended aluminium enclosure for additional cabling requirements. Contact our team for more details.

Fluidwell Configurator

The Fluidwell configurator is an extremely helpful tool, assisting you to choose the right display product for your project requirements.

Using the Fluidwell configurator is very user friendly. You’ll need to specify the following information within the filters to help you find the right product:

  • ​The application
  • Types of output required
  • Mounting style
  • The environment the display will be used in (ie. hazardous, safe area etc)

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