Parameter Comparison Table

The data below is intended as a guide for selection. Please contact our expert team members to find out more about Low Flow Meters from manufacturers such as OVAL and Siemens. Visit our Low Flow product section to view our entire product range.

FluidsFlow range (l/hr)Nominal size (mm)LinearityOperating temperature (°C)Max operating pressure (Bar)ATEX approval
Low Flow Meter OVAL FlowmateLiquid0.09 – 5006 or 8 (5 models)+ 1% of reading (models 40, 41, 45) > +3% of reaading (models 38, 39)-10 to +809.8No
Fuel Oil Low Flow Meter OVAL Keromate RNLiquid0.1 – 10 or 0.3 – 308 (2 models)+1% of RD-20 to +50-0.98No
Low Flow Meter OVAL Mini MeterLiquid10 – 70020< 0.5%10010.4No
Turbine Low Flow Sensor Signet 2100 PVDFLiquid23 – 22808, 10, 15 (3 models)+ 3%-20 to 12016 (@ 20°C)No
Mini Flow Sensor Signet 2507Liquid24 – 7206+ 0.25%-30 to 1205.5No
Micro Flow Meter OVAL Hi Shot Servo 1 Liquid0.1 – 606N/A-10 to 80NoNo

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