2100 Turbine Flow Sensor



  • Small compact design
  • Detachable electronics
  • Highly chemical resistant composition

2100 Turbine Flow Sensor

A compact turbine flow sensor engineered specifically for low flow rates and small pipe diameter applications, the GF Signet 2100 provides accurate readings over the flow ranges 0.3 – 3.8 or 3 – 38 lpm.

 Features of the Signet 2100 Turbine sensor include:

  • Small compact design for tightly spaced installations
  • Superior ceramic bearing provides long life without the need for maintenance.
  • Radio frequency pick-up provides added advantage without rotor drag or contamination from ferrous particles.
  • Detachable electronics means sensor maintenance is possible without the need to cut power to unit.
  • Composed of highly chemical resistant materials
  • Mounting at any angle offers total installation flexibility.
  • Wide choice of end connections in hose barb, flare or union ends.
  • Two flow ranges available for optimum measurement resolution

Typical Applications:

  • Chemical addition
  • Textile dyeing
  • High-purity chemical dispensing
  • Water addition
  • Dosing
  • Pump protection
  • Not suitable for gases


Part Ref: 3-2100-xx

IWN: FLO-953286

Liquid: Clean Water, Chemical

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification:

The Signet Turbine Flow Sensor is a compact sensor engineered specifically for low flow rates and small pipe diameter applications.


Specification Detail of the Turbine Flow Sensor:

Pipe Size


Material Body


Flow Range

0.38 – 38 l/m



Operating Temp Range

-20 °C to 70 °C

Pressure Range

Up to 16 bar

Outputs & Comms

Open collector, sinking, max 30 mA

Insertion / Inline


Fluid Type

Liquid – clear and opaque

Applicable Liquids



5 to 24 VDC


CE, FCC, RoHS compliant, China RoHS

Manufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality and ISO 14001 for Environmental Management

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