2774 – 2777 Threaded



  • Patented DryLoc® connector
  • Easy sensor replacement
  • High temp version available

2774 – 2777 Threaded

The Signet 2774 – 2777 threaded pH & ORP electrodes feature a unique foul-proof DryLoc® connector with gold-plated contacts. They are designed specifically for use with the Signet 2750 and 2760 preamplifiers, sensor electronics, and connectors. These dependable and highly responsive electrodes feature a Teflon double reference junction and a large reference chamber that combine to extend the service-life. Embedded positioning of the temperature element in the pH/ORP sensing tip allows the temperature response to be quick and accurate. The electrodes are offered with either flat or bulb style sensing elements. The flat versions allow sediment and particles to sweep past the measurement surface, minimizing risks of abrasion, breakage, and coating. The bulb versions can be used for general purpose applications. Due to the specially designed chambers which keep electrolyte in place, all versions can be mounted at any angle, even inverted.

Features of the Signet 2774 – 2777 threaded pH & ORP Electrodes include:​

  • Durable DryLoc® connector with gold plated contacts
  • Special design allows mounting at any angle, even inverted.
  • Quick temperature response
  • High temperature versions available
  • Easy sensor replacement using DryLoc® electrode connector.
  • Mounts into standard 3/4-inch threads
  • Compatible with all Signet pH/ORP instruments

Typical Applications:​​

  • Water treatment & water quality monitoring
  • Demineraliser, regeneration & rinse
  • Cooling tower and boiler protection
  • Pool and spa control
  • Neutralisation systems


Manufacturer: GF Signet

Part Ref: 3-77xx

IWN: ANA-424339

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water

Technology: Analytical Sensors

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

The Signet 2774 – 2777 threaded pH & ORP electrodes are general purpose sensors with a foul-proof DryLoc® connector which can be installed at any angle and include versions for high temperature applications.


Specification Detail of the Signet Threaded pH & ORP Electrodes:

Operating Range

0 to 14 pH, ±2000 mV (ORP)

Process Connection

3/4″ for use in reducing tees up to 4″


Body: Ryton, Reference junctions: PTFE,

Sensing surface: pH – glass membrane, ORP – platinum,

O-rings: FPM

Operating Temp Range

0° to 85°C

Pressure Range

Up to 6.9 bar

Fluid Type



3/4″ threads

Applicable Liquids

Clean water, dirty water


ISO 9001​

2764 – 2767 pH ORP Electrodes

Part Ref: 3-2750-x

IWN: ANA-338293

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