Battery Powered Industrial Inductive 45 Flow Meter with Display



  • Battery Powered for Remote Areas
  • Reliable & Well Built
  • Compact Design with Rotatable Display

Battery Powered Industrial Inductive 45 Flow Meter with Display

The iCenta Inductive Magnetic flow meter Flow 45 works on the well-established Faraday’s law principle. Unlike many Electromagnetic flow meters uses the Flow 45 uses a lithium battery for power, eliminating the need for an external power supply. The Flow 45, with its digital display, and clever battery power consumption the Flow 45 from iCenta is ideal for use in conjunction with water supply lines or in remote irrigation systems without available mains power. The battery-operated flow meter excels in high accuracy within the entire flow rate range.

The battery-operated flow 45 from iCenta is developed in sizes from DN15 up to DN200. The display unit with a single line customised alphanumeric LCD display is rotatable by 350°, which enables the operator to take readings from multiple positions, even in compact site areas.

Diagnostic checks are completed before any measurement takes place, ensuring precise readings are logged. Based on the results the flow meter indicates, it is able to identify empty piping and cancel the entire measurement or conversely, to evaluate the flow direction and include the result in corresponding summary registers.

Various process connections are available, namely flanged, sandwich (interflanged), threaded and also screwed connections for diary (DIN 11851) or clamp type.

The inductive flow meter allows connecting to superior control or monitoring systems using impulse output, RS485 communication (M-BUS/Mod-Bus protocols) or by GSM data transfer. Data can be stored in a micro-SD card also in data logger mode.

The flexibility of use is ensured by several types of lining, namely made of hard and soft rubber, rubber with certificate for drinking water, PTFE, PFA or E-CTFE.

Using an 8 second measurement period, the internal lithium battery can reach up to 5 years in life before needing to be changed. However, the more power demanding the outputs are, the shorter battery service life is. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully select the type of communication or output and data transfer period.

Flow 45 Industrial Inductive flow meter with Display features:

  • Powered by an internal lithium battery.
  • Possibility of external power supply
  • Module for GSM data transfer
  • Archival storage of data in SD micro card
  • Display unit freely rotatable by 350° for comfortable reading
  • Nearly maintenance-free operation
  • Simple installation and attendance
  • It does not cause pressure losses.
  • Battery Powered Flow 45 Industrial Inductive Flow Meter with Display


Manufacturer: Comac Cal

Part Ref: F45

IWN: FLO-450000

Liquid: Clean Water

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

Below is the product specification of the Flow 45 Inductive Flow Meter from Comac Cal. If you require further information about the Flow 45 meter, please contact our expert customer service advisors on 01722 442 307.


​Replaceable lithium battery power pack / external (12 V DC, max. 500 mA)

Input Power

M12 – 5p (external powering, UART)

M12 – 8p (ImpOut, RS485)

Minimum Conductivity

50 μS/cm

Flow sensor degree of protection

IP65, IP67, IP68


Diameter DN 10…200

Electrode Material

CrNi steel DIN 1.4571, Hastelloy C4, Titanium, Tantalum



Flow Meter Accuracy

1 % for 1…10 m/s

Ambient Temperature

5 °C – 55 °C

Lining material.

Rubber (hard, soft, with potable water test certificate): DN 25…DN 600 (Tmax 70 °C)

PTFE: DN 10…DN 80 (Tmax 150 °C for separate version), PVDF: DN 4…DN 20

Rilsan: DN 25…DN 600 (Tmax 70 °C for separate version)

ETFE: DN 100…DN 600 (Tmax 150 °C), PFA, Ceramics (upon agreement with the manufacturer)

Sensor material

Flanged – stainless steel and structural steel with polyurethane coating.

Sandwich, threaded, food grade – stainless steel.


PN10 (DIN), PN16 (DIN), PN25 (DIN), PN40 (DIN), PN64 (DIN), PN100 (DIN)

​10K (JIS), 20K (JIS), 40K (JIS)

150lb (ANSI), 300lb (ANSI)