CMG Gas Mass Flow Monitor



  • Colour coded face plates
  • Instantaneous displays
  • Low pressure loss

CMG Gas Mass Flow Monitor

The CMG series of gas flow monitor with models for natural gas and compressed air are an efficient way to monitor gas usage. The CMG series offers a wide range of functions, such as instantaneous and integrated flow rate indication, and event output and analogue output. In addition to its wide rangeability, the CMG series is available in a variety of models for application to natural gas and air. It also supports air ratio control and energy management of burners.

Features of the CMG Gas Mass Flow Monitor include:

  • Displays instantaneous or totalised flow
  • Low pressure loss making it suitable for a wide range of burner applications

Available outputs include:

  • alarm
  • instantaneous flow
  • totaliser pulse (NPN open collector) and event
  • Face plate colour coded for service: Natural Gas: Yellow; Air: Blue
  • Does not require upstream or downstream straight pipe runs

Other Applications:

  • Measuring the fuel flow to a gas burner
  • Air ratio control
  • Energy management


Manufacturer: iCenta

Part Ref: CMG

IWN: FLO-873472

Gas: Air, Other Gas

Media Type: Gases

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Product Specification:
Gas flow monitors for natural gas, butane, propane and compressed air that are an efficient way to monitor gas usage and support air ratio control and energy management of burners

Specification Detail of the CMG Gas Mass Flow Monitor:

Pipe Size
DN15 – DN50

Material Body
Cast aluminium

Flow Range
0.2 – 170 m3/hr

± 4 %

Operating Temp Range
-10 to 60ᵒC

Pressure Range
0 to 100 kPa (0 to 1bar)

Outputs & Comms
4/20 mA 1-5V + relay

Insertion / Inline

Gas Type
Air, city gas, butane propane

Applicable Liquids

24V DC,100V AC, 200 VAC


Connection Type
Screwed Rc ½” 1” 1.5” 2” JIS flange