Ex Delta II Vortex Flow Meter



  • Versions for Liquids or Gas
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Option for Battery Powered Unit

OVAL Ex Delta II Vortex Flow Meter

This basic, affordable model of the Ex Delta series of vortex flow meters includes a range of intelligent functions such as self diagnostics and the capability to review and change parameters. It is available either with a standard fixed sensor or with a replaceable sensor. With the replaceable sensor versions, it is possible to service the sensor without interrupting the process flow or removing the meter from the pipeline.

​They are particularly suited to long-run processes or on-site instrumentation where the utmost reliability and ruggedness are required. The standard Smart EX DELTA is also available as a battery powered unit requiring no external power source, where the battery pack has a 7 year life based on a 24 hours a day operation. In areas where pipelines are densely installed, or in elevated or hazardous locations, a remotely mounted indicator may be preferred. The indicator can be mounted up to 200 mm from the basic flow meter, allowing the operator to monitor a number of widely distributed flow meters from a central control. Display options include total flow (resettable), instantaneous flow rate, % FS instantaneous flow rate, % FS bar graph.

Features of the Vortex Flowmeter OVAL Smart EX DELTA II include:

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Versions for liquids or gas/steam flows
  • Available with fixed or replaceable sensor
  • Option for battery powered unit
  • Available with integral or remote indicator
  • Converter with or without display
  • Nominal size: 10 to 300mm

Wide flow range:

  • Liquid: 0.2 to 2510 m3/hr
  • Gas: 4 to 15000 m3/hr
  • Steam: up to 326 t/hr (0.2 to 47.6 t/hr at 5 Bar)
  • Wide temperature range -30 to +300°C (460°C with high temperature version)
  • Operating pressure up to 50 Bar
  • Accuracy: ± 1% of FS
  • Outputs: 4 – 20 mA or pulse
  • Smart type with Hart® and field bus communication
  • ATEX, FM, CSA and TIIS approved


Manufacturer: OVAL

Part Ref: VXx1xxx

IWN: FLO-692996

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water

Gas: Air, Other Gas, Steam

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This basic model of OVAL’s EX DELTA vortex meter series includes options to measure liquid or gas/steam flows and intelligent functions such as self diagnostics and the capability to review and change parameters.

Specification Detail of the Vortex Flowmeter OVAL Smart EX DELTA II:

Pipe Size
DN10 – DN300

Material Body
Stainless steel

Flow Range
Liquid: 0.2 to 2510 m³/h, Gas: 4 to 15000 m³/h, Steam: 326 t/hr

±1% of FS

Operating Temp Range
-30 to 460ᵒC

​Pressure Range
Up to 50 bar

Outputs & Comms
4 – 20mA or pulse, HART and Fieldbus comms

​Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type
Clean water, dirty water, air, other gas, steam

Applicable Liquids


ATEX, FM, CSA and TIIS approved

Connection Type
Flanged ANSI, DIN, JIS