Flow 33 EX Inductive Flow Meter



  • Bluetooth Connection
  • Reliable & Well Built
  • Optional Compact Design

Flow 33 EX Inductive Flow Meter

The Flow 33 Ex is an inductive flow meter from Comac Cal. Produced without a display unit this hard-wearing flow meter is an ideal solution for technological processes. This includes chemical or mining industries with demanding requirements and possible explosion atmosphere hazards.

The flow meter is manufactured using structural steel with a polyurethane coating. It is completely corrosion-proof, meaning the meter can be used in even the hardest of environments. This also gives the unit a long service life under heavy-duty conditions and boasts superior control systems for easy usability.

Features of the FLOW 33 EX:

  • ATEX certification for explosive atmosphere
  • The status is indicated by LEDs.
  • Possibility of compact full corrosion-proof construction
  • Rock steady construction
  • High variability of mechanical connection.
  • Wide range of materials for liners and electrodes
  • Easy and maintenance-free attendance


Manufacturer: Comac Cal

Part Ref: F33EX


Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

Below is the product specification of the FLOW 33 EX Inductive Flow Meter from Comac Cal. If you require further information about the FLOW 33, please contact our expert customer service advisors on 01722 442 307


​24V DC±15% power with polarity reversal protection

Input Power

4.2 VA

​ Maximum fluid temperature

90 °C (according to lining)

for higher temperatures upon agreement with the manufacturer

Flow sensor degree of protection

IP65, IP67, IP68

Measuring range (Qmin/Qmax)

Unidirectional/bidirectional for 0.2…12 m/s (1/60)

Diameter Nominal

DN 4…600 (other DN upon agreement with the manufacturer)

Electrode Material

CrNi steel DIN 1.4571, Hastelloy C4, Titanium, Tantalum



Flow Meter Accuracy

up to 0.5 %, rep up to 0.2 %

Max. Ambient Temperature

55 °C

Lining material

Rubber (hard, soft, with potable water test certificate): DN 25…DN 600 (Tmax 70 °C)

PTFE: DN 10…DN 80 (Tmax 150 °C for separate version), PVDF: DN 4…DN 20,

Rilsan: DN 25…DN 600 (Tmax 70 °C for separate version)

ETFE: DN 100…DN 600 (Tmax 150 °C), PFA, Ceramics (upon agreement with the manufacturer)​

Sensor material

Flanged – stainless steel and structural steel with polyurethane coating.

Sandwich, threaded, food grade – stainless steel.


PN10 (DIN), PN16 (DIN), PN25 (DIN), PN40 (DIN), PN64 (DIN), PN100 (DIN)

​10K (JIS), 20K (JIS), 40K (JIS)

150lb (ANSI), 300lb (ANSI)