IC-UPF Ultra Pro-Fixed Ultrasonic



  • 4Mbyte internal datalogger with MODBUS
  • Waveform signal diagnostics.
  • Cost-effective solution

IC-UPF Ultra Pro-Fixed Ultrasonic

The Ultra Pro-Fixed Ultrasonic is a powerful clamp-on fixed installation instrument has been designed for ease of use and installation on a broad range of pipe material and in areas where space is limited or installation of in-line flow meters is impractical. Intuitive menu and accurate readings make this instrument an essential addition to process environment. This flow meter uses UK developed Digital Signal Processing technology for accurate flow rates at a very competitive price point.


    • Advanced Digital Signal Processing measurement
    • Suitable from DN15 to DN2000 + pipe diameters
    • Backlit graphics display
    • 1:100 turn down ratio
    • Waveform signal diagnostics
    • 16 Mbyte internal datalogger downloaded via serial to USB adapter cable
    • All measured values can be totalised
    • Heat flow measurement with additional sensors.
    • Temperature Range: Readout unit: -10 to 65 °C, Transducers -30 to 80°C
    • IP65 Enclosure
    • RS232 Communications as standard

Additional functionalities include batching, manual totalizer, and product identification, making it suitable for various processes, including oil dewatering.

Supplied with:

    • Main unit 
    • Sensors 
    • Cables 
    • Coupling compound 
    • Clamping rail 


    • Pipe Size 15mm to 2 m 
    • Control unit temperature range: -10 to +65  
    • Weight: 840g 
    • Dimensions: 215 x 185 x 100mm 
    • IP65 enclosure 
    • Full 240 x 160-pixel graphics display with backlight 
    • Full 15-key tactile keypad with audio feedback 
    • Power supply configurations available in both 85 to 265Vac and 12 to 24Vdc at 10W (Specify when ordering) 

Made in Britain 

Date and time-stamped 16MB datalogger as standard, allowing for the logging of all measurement values at user-selected intervals from 1 to 255s. 

 RS232 and serial communications included as standard features (to USB with adaptor). 


Manufacturer: Metri Measurements

Part Ref: IC-UPF

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water, Slurry, Wastewater, Chemical, Fuel & Oil

Technology: Ultrasonic Flow Meters

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

The Metri IC-UPF (Ultra–Pro Fixed) Clamp on Ultrasonic Flow Meter is a sophisticated fixed installation, wall-mounted clamp-on ultrasonic flowmeter designed for precision and ease of use. Featuring an intuitive menu-driven interface, a well-organized display, and keypad layout, it offers seamless functionality with heat quantity measurement capabilities. The device is equipped to accommodate up to six optional plug-in IO modules, enhancing its versatility.



Pipe Size

15mm to 1000mm

Temperature Range

-10 to +65 ℃




0.25 mm / sec

Turn Down Ration



215 x 185 x 100mm


215 x 160-pixel graphics display with backlight


15-key tactile keypad with audio feedback

Wall Thickness Gauging

Available 2 – 24 mm

Transducer Dimensions

Standard sensor 20 x 25 x 40. Large 40 x 60 x 100

Transducer Material

PEEK and Stainless Steel.

Transducer Temperature Range

-30 to 80⁰C

Transducer Rating

IP68 (pending)

Transducer Cable Length

10 metres standard, longer cables are available


Mains AC or Dc options (85 to 265Vac and 12 to 24Vdc at 10W)


IP65 enclosure



Part Ref: IC-UPL

This powerful clamp on instrument has been designed for ease of use and installation on a broad range...