ICT Heat Energy Calculator



  • MID Approved
  • Pulsed output
  • Hourly self-check

ICT Heat Energy Calculator

Wall Mounted Heat Energy Calculator for Display of Accumulated Heat Energy A heat energy calculator for HVAC and building services that is compatible with any water flow meter with a pulse output. It continuously displays accumulated heat energy on a large LCD display.

Features of the ICT Heat Energy Calculator include:

  • MID Approved
  • BMS output
  • Pulsed output (Kw/hr), M-bus or 4-20mA versions
  • Dn 15-300 applications
  • Battery (6 year life) or 230v AC versions
  • Measurement range 5-150°C
  • No data loss when battery removed
  • Optional version with two pulsed inputs available
  • Continuous display of the accumulated heat energy on a large LCD display
  • Application-oriented display menu; easy to scan using operating key
  • Data storage six times a day in non-volatile memory
  • Hourly self-check
  • 12 monthly values readable on the display or via the optional interface
  • Available lengths of temperature sensor pair:

– 3m [2-wire type] and
– 10m [4-wire type]

  • Installation in temperature pockets of various lengths possible

Other Applications:

  • Heat exchangers
  • Heating systems
  • Billing
  • District heating
  • Chilled water
  • General HVAC


Manufacturer: iCenta

Part Ref: ICT-PIPO-

IWN: FLO-595641

Liquid: Clean Water

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification:
A wall mounted energy calculator for use with a multi jet or Woltmann hot water meter (or a cold meter for chilled water applications) or any of the ultrasonic 190 range.

Specification Detail of the ICT Heat Energy Calculator:

Switching current

Switching voltage

Switching power

Contact resistance [contact open]
10¹° ohm

Operating Temp Range

Contact capacity
< 0.6 pF

Outputs & Comms
Pulsed, M-bus or 4-20mA versions

Maximum current [contact closed]

Max. voltage [open contact]

Pulse duration [contact closed]

Minimum time between pulses

Bounce time

IP54 protection rating/EMC Class C according to EN1434