ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meter



  • MID Approved
  • Easy to read display
  • Connect up to 2 meters

ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meter

The ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meter for HVAC and building services is an all-in-one in-line compact ultrasonic heat meter (also known as a heat integrator, BTU meter or energy meter) that is used to measure in kw/hr the energy used to heat water. It is an robust and accurate solution for flow rates up to 60 m3/hr. ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meters are available for heated or chilled water and as threaded or flanged versions. Optional interfaces include M-bus with power supply or two pulse outputs for volume and energy. They are suitable for use as part of the Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) scheme.

Features of the ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meter include:

  • MID Approved
  • Chilled or heated water versions available
  • Threaded or flanged versions available
  • Easy to read display showing total energy consumed
  • Size options offer flow ranges from: 0.6 to 60 m³/hr
  • Optional interfaces: M-bus with power supply or two pulse outputs for volume and energy
  • Can connect up to 2 additional meters
  • IP54 / IP65 protection rating
  • Vertical or horizontal mounting
  • Temperature range: 1 – 130°C
  • Ambient temperature: 5 – 55°C

Other Applications:

  • Building services
  • Heat exchangers
  • Heating systems
  • Billing
  • District & community heating schemes
  • Chilled water
  • General HVAC


Manufacturer: iCenta

IWN: FLO-631719

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Product Specification:
MID Approved Compact Ultrasonic Heat Meter Compact ultrasonic heat meter for chilled or heated water with constant display of total energy consumed and flow rates up to 60 m3/hr

Specification Detail for the ICT Ultrasonic Heat Meter:

Pipe Size
DN15 to DN100

Material Body
Epoxy power coated

Flow Range
0.6m³/hr to 60m³/hr


Operating Temp Range
0 – 150°C

Pressure Range

Outputs & Comms
Pulsed, Mbus

Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type

Applicable Liquids

Battery operated

IP54 protection rating

Connection Type
G3/4 – G1