MCS100 Miniature Mass Flow Sensor



  • Compact and lightweight
  • Low power consumption
  • High level of accuracy

MCS100 Miniature Mass Flow Sensor

The MCS100 is a compact, fast response air mass flow sensor equipped with a µF (Micro Flow) sensor chip. The MCS100 outputs mass flow signal according to the standard condition (20°C, 1 atm) of the gas flow without temperature or pressure compensation. The MCS100 offers a various flow range, in addition to its wide range ability. The MCS100 is suited for a variety of flow measurements in such as physics and industry applications.

Features of the MCS100 Miniature Mass Flow Sensor include:

  • Compact and lightweight: 33.5*10.5*17.0 mm, just 9 g (without cable)
  • Fast response time: 5 ms max.
  • High accuracy and high repeatability: Accuracy: +/-5%FS, Repeatability: +/-2.0%FS (depending on the model number)
  • Positive/negative flow measurement due to its symmetrical structure
  • Low power consumption: 12 mA max. at 24 Vdc
  • Free mounting position and not required straight piping length

Other Applications:

  • Air volume samplers
  • Gas analysers
  • Pick and place detection for minute electronic/optical devices


Manufacturer: iCenta

Part Ref: MCS100A1xx

IWN: FLO-355222

Gas: Air, Other Gas

Media Type: Gases

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Product Specification:
Fast Response Mass Flow Sensor for Air or Nitrogen at Low Flow Rates Compact, fast response mass flow sensor for air or nitrogen for low flow applications in physics and industry

Specification Detail of the MCS100 Miniature Mass Flow Sensor:

Pipe Size
DN5 (M5 female brass insertion)

Material Body
PPS resin, ceramic (printed wiring board) and
brass (connecting part)

Flow Range
–3 to +3L/min – 0 to 3L/min –0.5 to +0.5L/min 0
to 0.5L/min

± 5% FS max

Operating Temp Range
0 to 50ᵒC

Pressure Range
–70 to +200kPa

Outputs & Comms
Output voltage 4V (5 to 1V) for full scale

Insertion / Inline

Gas Type
Air and nitrogen.

Applicable Liquids

12 to 24 VDC


Connection Type