Multical 602 Energy Meter



  • High level of accuracy
  • Maintenance free
  • Comprehensive analysis

Multical 602 Energy Meter

The Multical 602 is an all-purpose energy calculator for heating and cooling, designed to be used together with flow sensors. The Multical 602 operates with a range of communication modules (recommended – Ultraflow 54) and has a high power radio router module. Integral data loggers constantly monitor a number of key functions in the meter, and report back any errors. The unit is also supplied with a data back up facility for safeguarding billing and consumption data for your customers.

Features of the Multical 602 include:

  • For heat, cooling and combined heat /cooling measurement in all water-based systems.
  • Operates in temperatures from 2 °C to 180 °C for heat and 2 °C to 50 °C for cooling.
  • Complete range of communication modules and integral RTC (Real Time Clock).
  • Complete range of communication modules.
  • Wireless enabled.
  • Integrated troubleshooting, error correction and analysis of energy consumption.
  • Constant monitoring of for errors.
  • Saves consumption data on a yearly, monthly, daily and hourly basis, which provides the operations manager with a complete performance analysis.
  • In case of power failure data is backed up, thus securing billing of consumption data. If the meter is supplied with battery, the battery lifetime has been considerably increased – up to 13 years incl. Wireless M-Bus.
  • Precisely matched temperature sensors guarantee accurate measuring results even at minimal temperature differences.
  • The flow sensor‘s long-term stability and accuracy are not influenced by flow velocity, flow disturbances or wear.


Manufacturer: iCenta

Part Ref: 602-

IWN: FLO-869743

Liquid: Clean Water

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

The Multical 602 is an all-purpose energy calculator which operates with a range of communication modules. Its integral data loggers constantly monitor a number of key functions in the meter and report back any errors.

Specification Details of the Multical 602:

Pipe Size

Material Body
PC, thermoplastic elastomer, ABS & glass

Operating Temp Range
2 to 180°C (heat) 50°C (cooling)

Pressure Range

Flow Range
0.6 m³/h – 3000 m³/h


Outputs & Comms
LON, SIOX, M-Bus, zigbee, metasys, radiorouter, pulse

Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type
Clean water

Applicable Liquids

3.6VDC ±0.1 VDC, battery 3.65VDC, D-cell lithium (optional)

EN 1434:2007, prEN 1434:2009 and OIML R75:2002