OVAL Ex Turbine Flow Meter



  • High level of accuracy
  • Large flow capacity
  • Wide viscosity range

OVAL EX Turbine Flow Meter

An industrial turbine flow meter for consistent and accurate liquid flow measurement with a high-speed pulse output that facilitates efficient calibration and makes it ideal for custody transfer. The EX Turbine flow meter series covers a wide viscosity range including an option high viscosity models for flows not normally measurable with conventional turbine flow meters. It is small in size yet large in flow capacity minimising space requirements.

Features of the OVAL EX Turbine flow meter include:

  • High viscosity version offering high accuracy even in low Reynolds number regions.
  • Linearity within ±0.15%, repeatability within ±0.02% is available for transactions of applicable liquid.
  • Direct and remotely transmitted registration of total flow and instantaneous flowrate are provided.
  • 13 meter sizes in nominal sizes from 15 to 400mm.


  • Petroleum products LPG and water
  • Custody transfer


Manufacturer: OVAL

Part Ref: TX

IWN: FLO-633451

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water, Fuel & Oil

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A series of industrial turbine flow meters with high-speed pulse output that facilitates efficient calibration and makes them ideal for custody transfer.

Specification Detail of the Flow Meter OVAL EX Turbine:

Pipe Size
DN15 – DN400

Material Body

Flow Range
4.2m³/h to 4500m³/h


Operating Temp Range
-30°C to 350°C

​Pressure Range
0.98 to 4.51MPa

Outputs & Comms
Unscaled/scaled Pulse, 4 to 20mADC

Insertion / Inline

Fluid Type

Applicable Liquids
petroleum, LPG, Water

12 to 45V DC


Connection Type
Flange connection (RF:St’d)