Signet 2724-2726



  • Ideal for chemical applications
  • Patented DryLoc® connector
  • Quick temperature response

Signet 2724-2726

The Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes feature a patented reference electrode design and use the unique foul proof patented DryLoc® connector. The large area PE reference junction and pathway are constructed to increase the total reference effectiveness and ensure long service life. The DryLoc® connector with foul-proof gold-plated contacts readily connects the sensor to the mating 2760 preamplifier or the 2750 sensor electronics. The robust Ryton® threaded sensor body and choice of flat pH, bulb pH, or flat ORP sensing elements provides broad range of chemical compatibility for a wide variety of applications. There are two optional sensing versions available for HF and low conductivity. The quick temperature response is available in either a PT-1000 or 3KΩ temperature sensor and allows compatibility with all Signet pH/ORP instruments.

Features of the Signet 2724-2726 pH/ORP Electrodes include:

  • Designed for use with 2750 Sensor.
  • Foul-proof connector
  • Gold-plated contacts
  • Durable CPVC body
  • Self-cleaning flat versions reduce risk of glass breakage.
  • Large reference volume and solid polymer electrolyte
  • Temperature sensor included in pH electrodes.
  • DI option for pure water
  • HF option for pH

Typical applications include:

  • Water & wastewater treatment
  • Neutralisation systems
  • Scrubber control
  • Effluent monitoring
  • Surface finishing
  • Heavy metal removal and recovery
  • Toxics destruction
  • Sanitisation systems
  • Commercial pools & spas
  • Aquatic animal life support systems
  • Process control


Manufacturer: GF Signet

Part Ref: 3-27XX

IWN: ANA-138068

Liquid: Clean Water, Dirty Water, Chemical

Media Type: Liquids

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Product Specification

The Signet 2724 – 2726 pH/ORP Electrodes are general-purpose sensors with threaded process connections offering enhanced chemical compatibility and versatile mounting options for use in a wide range of applications.


Specification Detail of the Signet 2724 – 2726 pH/ORP Electrodes:

Operating Range

pH – 0 to 14 pH

ORP – ±2000 mV

Process Connection

3/4″ NPT, ISO 7/1 – R 3/4


Ryton (PPS), glass, UHMW PE, FPM, platinum

Operating Temp Range

-10° to 85°C

Pressure Range

Up to 6.9 bar

Fluid Type


Applicable Liquids

Clean water, dirty water


RoHS compliant, China RoHS

Manufactured under ISO 9001 for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational Health and Safety