SITRANS LC300 Capacitance Level Transmitter



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SITRANS LC300 Capacitance Level Transmitter

The SITRANS LC 300 is an inverse frequency shift capacitance continuous level transmitter for liquids and solids applications. It is ideal for standard industrial applications in chemical, hydrocarbon processing, food and beverage, mining, aggregate and cement industries.

The SITRANS LC 300 is a 2-wire level measurement instrument combining a sophisticated, yet easy-to-adjust, microprocessor with field-proven probes. It is available in two versions: rod and cable. It has a stainless-steel process connection with an PFA-lined probe. Materials with low or high dielectric properties are accurately measured and patented Active-Shield technology helps in ignoring the effects of build-up near vessel nozzle.

Features of the SITRANS LC300 include:

  • ​ Patented Active-Shield technology so measurement is unaffected by material build-up in active shield section.
  • Highly accurate and reliable PFA-lined probes
  • Integrated local LCD display.
  • 2-wire (4-20 mA) current loop design
  • Current signalling according to NAMUR NE 43
  • Push-button calibration and programming

Common applications of the SITRANS LC300:

  • Conductive and non-conductive media; including liquids and solids in standard industrial processes.
  • Bulk Solids
  • Applications Involving Dust
  • Chemical Processes Involving Vapour.


Manufacturer: Siemens

Part Ref: 7ML5670 -

IWN: LEV-246385

Liquid: Water, Slurry, Chemical

Technology: Capacity Level Measurement

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Product Specification

Sanitary Magnetic Flow Meter for Food & Drink & Pharmaceutical Industries. The SITRANS F M MAG 1100 F sensor is especially designed for the food & beverage and pharmaceutical industries and is available with hygienic and flexible process connections. It meets all sanitary requirements and is 3A certified and EHEDG approved.

Specification Detail for the SITRANS LC 300:

Measuring range

1.66 …3 300pF

Material Body

Aluminium, epoxy-coated

Probe length

300 – 5000mm

Accuracy Deviation

< 0.5 % of actual measurement value

Operating Temp Range

-40 … +200 ºC (-40 … +392 ºF)3)

Pressure Range

-1 … +35 bar g

Outputs & Comms

Continuous signal 4 … 20 mA/20 … 4 mA according to NAMUR 43



Fluid Type


Applicable Liquids

Water, waste, chemical


12 … 30 V DC any polarity, 2-wire current loop circuit


General Safety (CSA, FM, CE, C-TICK)

Connection Type

Threaded / Welded flange – raised face or flat face.